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Sleep Sounds
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Stop insomnia – this is a sleep app which contains sleeping music that will make you sleepy immediately! Sleep sound effect eliminate worries and stress with success!

If you are stress-ridden and under constant pressure and you have troubles to fall asleep at night we have three words for you – download sleep music. This is one free app that will enable you to go into deep sleep. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for treatments to teach you how to relax for sleep, with our calming sounds you can easily take a nap whenever you want and for free. Whenever you want to rest for a while from a hard-working day, lie in bed and play your favorite relaxing songs and try to bring yourself in the stadium of that similar to Zen meditation.

Once you download this app, you will see music for sleep playlist, divided in three main categories. The first category is relaxing Nature sound effects category in which you can listen to soothing sleep sounds such as rain sounds pouring down your window, imagine splashing of the waves in the deep ocean sounds and feel your eyes closing as birdsong is on repeat. Then you can move on to the second category, Relaxing sounds. Listen to different forest sounds to reduce stress and panic. It is well known that Japanese music relaxation helps get rid of anxiety, while, only listening to spa music can help you eliminate the pain from your muscles. The third category is completely made for you to fall asleep faster. Lullaby and sounds for babies are great to make you yawn, and if you didn’t know, yawning is contagious so prepare to become a sleeping beauty of the modern time.

Use your sleepy time the best you can!


All the songs in this app will be directly played from the Internet, so you’ll have to have the Internet access (WiFi recommended) in order to listen to these sleeping sounds. However, there is an option for you to free download any sound for sleeping you like and to have it on your phone and use it when you don’t have the Internet.

Another great option you have here is that you can make your own playlist of either your favorite songs, or lullabies for kids or best sleep noise like that of crickets simply by putting songs you want in a special playlist.

This app is great for everybody – young and old, tall or short, boys or girls. Relax and sleep tight! And all we can say is SWEET DREAMS!

Legal info:

Sound clips used in “SLEEP SOUNDS” app are under public domain license and/or Creative Commons’ license. App design and code copyright Best Ringtones Apps - 2014.

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