SUMMON MASTERS - Sword Dancing

SUMMON MASTERS - Sword Dancing
(87.104k total ratings on Google Play)
BiCORE / Role playing
Downloads: 1.0M
(87.104k total ratings on Google Play)


★SUMMON MASTERS Major Update!★

- New units added for SSS and SS class
- New content added for Battle Arena
- New armor and trinkets added, new creation system
- Additional changes to unit skills

▶ Live Strategies! Exciting Action! Real-time Battalion Battle!
▶ Variety of Units and Skills! A Whole New Definition of Battle System!
▶ With Your Unique Battalion, Enjoy Your Own Strategy and RPG!

▶ Make Up The Best Combination of Battalion with A Variety of Units
Total 160 Unique Units
Weapons and Skill System for Maximum Unit Performance!
Make Up Your Best Battalion with Cute SD Characters!

▶ Real-time Battle Full of Various Skills
Realistic Real-time Battle system!
Turn the Battle in favor of You with Brilliant and Powerful Skills!
Take 7 Units in total with 1 Helper, And You''re ready to go into the Battle!

▶ Unit and Weapon Upgrade System
With Unit and Weapon Upgrade System, Strengthen Your Battalion to the Maximum Level.
* To Make Up Your Best battalion, You Must Use the Right Balance.

▶ Go Together with Your Alliances and other Users
- Defeat Summoned Boss By Working Together with Your Alliances!
- Defeat World Boss By Working Together with All Users!
- The Stronger Boss You Defeat, The more unique items You Can Get.
- Caution! Yesterday''s friend can become today''s enemy! PVP Battle System!

Guild Leaders! Are You Ready for Adventures to build the Strongest Guild?
“Summon Masters” will take RPG and turns in on its head! Enjoy Now!

※ An additional data charge may be incurred depending on your current rate/plan if you use the 3G/LTE network to play the game.

※ To provide better gaming experience, we do collect, store and use your unique device infomation to identify your device; however, we will not link it to any of your personally identifiable information we may collect.

♣Bicore''s exciting game lineup!!♣
☞ [My MonsterParty] Let''s save the world with my own customized party.
☞ [Road Heroes] Awaken your potential speeding instinct!

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