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Chemistry Lab Suite
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(510 total ratings on Google Play)


"Chemistry Lab Suite" is the #1 app for professionals and students in the field of peptide chemistry, mass spectrometry based proteomics and metabolomics, biochemistry and general lab work.

* Please drop me an email if you see bugs or if you have ideas for specific extensions. *

This completely free app offers a set of various dedicated tools grouped in four sections helping scientists and students:

--Solutions (Solutions & Buffers)--
This section covers general applications in chemistry and biochemistry laboratories like making of solutions with defined molarity and diluting a stock solution to a working solution. It also facilitates the selection of buffer substances for given a pH.

--Proteins (Proteins, Peptides & Amino Acids)--
This set of tools covers the work with amino acids, peptides and Proteins. It allows looking up structures and properties of all amino acids as well as user defined peptides. It also calculates the different fragment masses of specific peptides subjected to mass spectrometry. As chemicals like small molecules or peptides can be modified or may undergo fragment loss in mass spectrometry, one of the available tools tries to identify these mass shifts. A last tool facilitates the accession of protein information from Uniprot (internet connection needed).

--Peptide Synthesis--
The peptide synthesis section provides various information on solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS). Coupling methods and resin loading protocols as well as their concomitant colorimetric tests are explained. Additionally, resin cleavage and deprotection strategies are given. A detailed list of coupling reagent properties completes the section.

--Chemicals (Chemicals & Elements)--
This extract of utilities covers the work with chemicals, metabolites and elements. It allows the calculation of molecular weight using chemical formulas or built-in substances. Chemical formulas from masses measured in mass spectrometry can be found which are linked to representative metabolites (small molecules). One tool allows the lookup of detergent properties sorted and filtered by different characteristics. A last tool lists all elements of the periodic table of elements with detailed and relevant information about them.

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