Kingdom War : Fire of Alliance

Kingdom War : Fire of Alliance
(3500 total ratings on Google Play)
BlinkSoul.Inc / Strategy
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(3500 total ratings on Google Play)


Welcome to the Kingdom War world, where you will feel the extraordinary charm of the medieval battlefield.
Imagine you through building your own castle, set up their own corps, and with many of the players fighting together, step by step, from nameless lords to become a great king, it will be a period of unparalleled experience!
Still hesitant? Come kingdom war in the world to complete this great grand it!

Game features
- Construct of a different castle building, strengthen Castle strength.
- You can train a variety of different types of troops.
- Establish their own corps, to conquer all enemies in the world.
- Campaign request with daily reward and alliance buff.
- Realtime map with the activity of other players.
- Splendid alliance with request, shop, and research.
- Attacking field camps, collect more resources.
- With a number of other players simultaneously online games.
- Every day of the game will get huge rewards.
- And much, much more!

Kingdom war, is a classic simulation game (SLG) with full strategy of construction buildings, train armies, research technologies etc. It''s a story of Mid Age, on a battle land with ice and fire. And your duty, my Lord, is to conquer the entire land, with your power and strategy.
The world map plays an important role, where you can obtain mass of resources, to support your construction and research. Compare to other SLG game, we have a more realtime map where you can see the trail of other players'' troops and the burning fire of their cities.
Alliance is also important.Start from a nameless lord, you do need the resource and defense from your friends. Exchange information and find your enemy, or start an efficient battle with your members with you. It will be a much exciting experience than single player.
What''s more, sufficient gem and resource for your beginning, and each day you will have signup reward, campaign reward, slot reward etc... Trust me, you won''t be that poor in this game!
No hesitation, let''s start!

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