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(490 total ratings on Google Play)


Don’t just read books. Experience them.

Bringing books to life is about more than just recreating the words on the page. That’s why we developed Toshiba Book Place.

Book Place knows that style, presentation, and a world of color add to your reading experience, in fact it’s what makes a book feel like a book. So books in the Book Place have the same layout, fonts, and full-color images that you enjoy in the print version of your favorite titles. Finally there’s an eBook reader that brings not only novels to life, but cookbooks, travel guides, how-to manuals, textbooks, and children’s books to life in vibrant color.

But eBooks should do more...they should leverage everything that the device you’re reading on is capable of. Book Place does just that. Many books can read aloud by a text-to-speech voice (purchase required) or by a professional narrator, with words highlighted as they are spoken. You can instantly jump to any point in the book, highlight passages, and look up words you might not be familiar with or get more information on a topic, all without ever leaving your book.

Reading eBooks* should be enjoyable and easy, no matter where you are, and no matter what device you’re reading on. That is why we created the Book Place Bookvault, a virtual library that you can access from anywhere. So you can access and read your books on any of your devices.

It’s time to try a whole new eBook experience with Book Place.

Top Features:

• Optimized for Tablets
• The Book Place features a vast bookstore, including the best Children''s books, popular new releases and New York Times Best Sellers
• Displays books in full color, with fonts, pictures, and layout as the publisher intended.
• Sync up to five devices so your books can go wherever you go.
• Access all of your content, and download it to your device from anywhere you have an internet connection.
• Multiple reading views, including fixed layout view, single page, dual page, and flowed view.
• Add notes and highlights to a page, with five color options, saved across your reading sessions.
• Have the Book Place read to you, highlighting each word as it does.**

* At this time, we do not support 3rd party DRM protected content.

** For audiobooks, or rights-enabled books when TTS voice is purchased.

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