The Dead Are Walking - Free

The Dead Are Walking - Free
(510 total ratings on Google Play)
BLUE MONKEY / Action, Arcade
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(510 total ratings on Google Play)


Face the zombie apocalypse in The Dead Are Walking!

Are you prepared for slicing hordes of undead and survive the zombie outbreak?
In The Dead Are Walking you will have the chance to kill hordes of zombies with your ninja sword, slicing them with skill and precision.

The Dead Are Walking is the best and most creative zombie action game for Android!

The gameplay of The Dead Are Walking is intuitive, it is a game in the style of Fruit Ninja and similar, effectively using the touch-screen of your device. Slide your finger across the zombie''s head to hit him with a sharp blow of his sword ninja. Swipe to kill!

The Dead Are Walking has two exciting game modes: Apocalypse and Outbreak.

In Apocalypse game mode you will face the zombies slicing them with different and varied combos!
But beware, because his ninja sword can be a deadly weapon even for you! Our heroine can not cut anything. Along with the zombies appear on the screen some grenades, and you should avoid them!

Prove that you are skilled enough to guide our heroine to a record number of zombies sliced. Do not let any zombie scape, for those who escape from their ninja sword, will you take a point of life! Zombies are not merciful!

In Outbreak game mode of The Dead Are Walking, you will have two minutes to score as many points as possible against the undead. In this mode there is no grenades! Only zombies, so sharpen your ninja sword and go up! Abuse of mastery to perform combos and gain more points!

The Dead Are Walking has an elaborate scheme combos, allowing you to defeat the zombies of varying shapes and fun. Using the combos you will add more points, making the challenge even more interesting.

There are several types of combos like: Apache Combo, Samurai Combo, Zorro Combo, Carnage Combo, among others.

The Carnage Combo works like bullet-time effect, leaving the game in slow motion, so you can be more precise cuts of zombies!

For fans of the series The Walking Dead and character Michonne, who like the heroine of the game uses a ninja sword, The Dead Are Walking is a great attraction, bringing three scenarios that were also represented in the stories of the comic and TV series : the farm, the city and the prison.

If you always wanted to defeat zombies as Michonne from The Walking Dead, you will have great fun with The Dead Are Walking! Even more you can do that on the farm, in the city and in prison! Cut the fear and the zombies!

The Dead Are Walking brings the whole mood of terror and a survival-horror also in their art and music. The zombies are terrifying and music creates an atmosphere of suspense amazing! As the three scenarios of the game, that make The Walking Dead Are an action game loaded from a gloomy mood, where danger appears all the time.

The game supports multi-touch, allowing you to slice up zombies with three blades, if you have skill and precision to it.

Install and play now The Dead Are Walking! The best Survival-horror action from Google Play!

The Dead Are Walking is a free game by Blue Monkey Games!
Download now and finds that slicing zombies is much more fun and exciting than slicing fruit!

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