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Sidebar Launcher
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(4500 total ratings on Google Play)


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Media Review
"It’s nice to see such a versatile app intended to help you multitask more efficiently." - XDA Developers

1. Why do I have persistent notification in status bar?
From android 4.3+, system will show persistent notification for background app. This could prevent Sidebar Launcher from being killed by system.

2. Why can''t I uninstall Sidebar Launcher?
The "Lock screen" feature requires activating device administrator, so you have to deactivate it in security settings before uninstalling.
There are two ways to uninstall it:
1. Open Sidebar Launcher, go to settings page, find the "Uninstall" option. (Recommend)
2. First, go to "System settings" -> "Security settings" -> "Device administrators" deactivate "Sidebar Launcher", then uninstall Sidebar Launcher in a normal way.
Sidebar Launcher - Fantastic multi-tasking way on Android
Sidebar Launcher brings you the most fantastic way to multi-tasking on your phone and tablet. With the exclusive design of "Card", you will feel the most incredible efficiency when you''re operating on your device. Sidebar Launcher is floating on any apps. You can swipe to show it any where and any time.

So, what is "Card"? Card is a defined as a single/group of function. Add/Remove card as you want, make Sidebar Launcher be your very personal assistant. Please let us know what kind of feature/"Card" you want. We will try our best to make it happen.

We support following Cards:
1. Time & Date
2. Quick settings (Toggles)
3. Favourite apps
4. Functions:
- Lock screen
- Home
- App drawer
- Flashlight
- Expand status bar
- Volume up / down
- Menu (need root)
- Back (need root)
5. Shortcut
6. Display battery & Clear memory
7. Music controller
8. Recent apps
9. Recent calls
10. Recent messages

Pro features:
1. Shortcut
2. Display battery & Clear memory
3. Music controller
4. Remove Ads in this app

Please share your ideas with us. Tell us what kind of Card you want. Let''s make this app better and better together. If there is any problem or feedback, please send email to: floating.mob@gmail.com

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