3D Home HD

3D Home HD
(1000 total ratings on Google Play)
Borqs Ltd. / Personalization
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(1000 total ratings on Google Play)


Get ready to experience the home screen(launcher) on your android device in an entirely different way. 3D Home HD by Borqs Ltd. Personalization have out done their developing capabilities with this excellent app. Currently thousands of users have recommended this app as a must have.

Your android desktop will be completely taken to the next level. You will adore the ability to fully customize your house to meet your needs with the various themes offered by this app. You will have the ability to navigate your home by moving up and down and even moving the ceiling and the floor separately. If you did not believe this was going to be a state of the art experience, hopefully you are more convinced now.

With this app, something as simple as a television in your 3D living room will launch commonly viewed items such as videos and other apps you use often. Again, the choice is yours. The desires of your design taste can be completely revealed with this savvy app.

* Clear and well design 3D effection
* Super user friendly, making it very easy to use
* Unmatched 3D effects. Completely immerse yourself into the app
* Fully customizable experience. Simply move widgets around to exactly where you like them
* A scrolling dock to assist with easy navigation from the desktop in all directions
* Customizing is easy and conveniently located. You can simply utilize a long-press or shortcuts to organize your home as you see fit
* New main screen interface, allowing for easy access to all icons with a single click
* Launch applications, shortcuts, 2d widget and 3d objects from wall and desktop
* Easy way to organize all applications and launch applications quickly
* Lots of 3D objects replace traditional icons, for example – Contacts, Phone, Camera, Calendar, Browser, and TV!

System requirement:
- Android 4.0.2 and above versions
- 1G Byte RAM

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