hd wallpapers _ doodledoodle

hd wallpapers _ doodledoodle
(16k total ratings on Google Play)
BrainPUb / Personalization
Downloads: 1.0M
(16k total ratings on Google Play)


* Play Store NO.1 decorating the world''s first dedicated smartphone is a fantastic app that was renovated ponguk July!

Love is always generously ponguk haejusi our acknowledgment of the user''s favorite thanks to deulkke,
How do you nimdeul user is easy, can I have your fun struggling to communicate created.

* Easy & Fun

Without exception the existing ponguk has been well-documented this in the
Simplified and easy UI / UX as APP is classy! Decorating is easier!
Category to the left or right to change the category of UX neatly back!
Able to see at a glance the theme organize made it available to more and more easy and fun.
(The main decorating feature: Wallpaper, Kakao Talk, cacao stories, top battery, top day wikba, dodol launcher, widgets, personalized ring tones)

* Doodle style decorating lightly phones without the launcher!

The launcher can decorate phone without it?
Try the Doodle style ~
Very nice and tastefully decorate heavy launcher without bail.
Pretty light, we''ll help you create a phone ~

* Moving the flow cone icon!

Susceptibility becomes rich in rainy rain unload my wallpaper!
I want to conquer the universe naepon aliens invaded the day!
My boyfriend is too good to me to fall within the background screen boyfriend!
In the flow cone icon of pretty pretty wallpaper effect! There is to be able to create my own workflow con-jackpot!

* Toktoktok our own space!

Decorate Doodle Doodle app is not it?
Yes! No. When you are bored enjoy Doodle Doodle is a mobile playground.
School hours in the bus, in the subway work hours, sleep in all quilt
Fun day-to-day story of the day, and is divided into sympathetic distress, such as making friends laugh
Then, the story of our own precious space.

Prove that 20 million people downloaded the new name of this app Doodle Doodle ponguk!
App is not simply just for adornment and beauty nimdeul users can communicate
Then I will try to be Doodle Doodle.

Easy & Fun Doodle Doodle!

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