Headphone Connect

Headphone Connect
(4500 total ratings on Google Play)
Skytrait (Gabe Brandao) / Tools
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(4500 total ratings on Google Play)


If you plug in your headphones, wouldn''t you want Android to know your favorite headphone apps? Now it can! Easily assign apps to launch as soon as you plug in your headphones!

Simply start the app once and assign your apps. Now you''re all set! Easily pick from multiple apps or a single default app! Additionally, you can adjust the volume and add apps to a blacklist. The blacklist will prevent the headphone actions when specific apps are in the current foreground.

Also includes an in app purchase to present a different dialog when headphones are disconnected!

PLEASE NOTE: On some android devices a notification will run in the background informing you that Headphone Connect is running, to disable this notification look under Headphone Connect on the app manager screen (the same screen you would uninstall an app on) and uncheck notifications from Headphone Connect. That will allow the service to run without spamming the notification.


We love to hear from our users! Our Apps thrive on suggestions and feedback from our users. We will make every attempt to respond to comments in the Google Play Market, but for a faster and more personal approach feel free to email us at feedback@skytrait.com.

If you have any questions about this app, please first visit our FAQ page. If you still cannot find the answer to your question feel free to send us an email.

FAQ Page: http://skytrait.com/mad/android/headphone_connect/faq/faq.html
Support Email: support@skytrait.com



BILLING - This permission is used to make in app purchases from within the app. Purchases are not necessary for the app to function, they only extend the available features. More information can be found at http://developer.android.com/google/play/billing/billing_integrate.html

INTERNET - This permission is used in Google Play Services. More information on Google Play Service can be found at https://developer.android.com/google/play-services/index.html?hl=en-US

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - This permission is used to determine if the device is currently connected to a mobile data or WiFi source. Helps conserve data and prevents errors.

READ_PHONE_STATE/GET_ACCOUNTS - Both permissions are used to verify in app purchases. This allows us to restore purchases after a reinstall or if switching devices. No personal information is ever accessed without consent. More information can be found in our privacy policy at http://www.skytrait.com/privacy_policy.html

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETE - This permission allows the app to start the service as soon as the device finishes rebooting. Can be disabled in the settings.

GET_TASKS - This permission is used to get the current foreground running app. This allows the option of a blacklist to prevent the dialog from appearing in certain predefined apps.

BLUETOOTH - This permission is used to listen for bluetooth headphones being connected or disconnected from the device.

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