MessageBird Meet, Chat, Friend

MessageBird Meet, Chat, Friend
(8300 total ratings on Google Play)
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Downloads: 500k
(8300 total ratings on Google Play)


A messaging App with approx. 2 million downloads!
It`s a fun TOY SNS that allows you to exchange messages around the world sending letters that can be received by any one at any time.
Let`s communicate with many people in a casual and fun way!

You''re thoughts and ideas will definitely reach someone around the world!

14 million messages are sent each day! All together over 11 billion messages have been sent with a new person joining every 10 seconds!

***How to Use***
Just write whatever message you`d like and send it. You`ll receive replies based on what you write, so try to write a message that
will connect with other like minded people like yourself.

People who reply often tend to have more people read their messages!
And people with their hobbies and interests included in their profiles tend to receive more replies!

・It`s free to send and receive messages!
・Messages can be sent in 34 languages throughtout the world!
・You don`t need to register an email or phone number!
・Ongoing messages with users in your friends list are saved!
・You can exchange profiles to connect with real friends as well.
・You can introduce friends to other friends with similar interests.
・Word Filters, a Block list, and translation functions are also included.
・Your messaging is secured with a Passcode Lock funtcion.

***To All Users***
Thank you for using Message Bird. We are planning to listen to the opinions and feedback from as many Message Bird users as possible.
We hope we will be able to serve you well for a long time to come.

Currently, letters that fall into any of the below listed types may result in limitations placed on sent and received messages, suspension of use,
or blocking of your account, so please be careful to avoid the following.

・Obscene or vulgar messages.
・Spam / Advertising
・Directing people to outside sites or applications
・Inclusion of personal information (email, ID, etc.)
・Chain Mail, or anything judged to be similar.
・Inappropriate profile image
・Other content judged to be inappropriate.

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