LoL Memento League of Legends

LoL Memento League of Legends
(29.481k total ratings on Google Play)
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(29.481k total ratings on Google Play)


Uninstall all your old and slow League of Legends applications, you won’t need them anymore, The Memento is all you need!

You need help choosing the champion you will love to play and who will make your opponents fear you?

You need a tool that helps you remember when the jungle monsters are up or what items are best suited for your favorite champion? You want to try the champions of the week and check if they are worth the money?

You need to quickly get up to date builds from your favorite websites directly on your smartphone or your tablet, avoiding the classic ALT+TAB?

There is something for every type of player in the Memento, the only all-in-one League of Legends application:

- Adapted for all devices: smartphones and tablets

- All champions information
o Recommended items
o Tips
o Opponents Tips
o Video
o Statistics
o Skins
o Counter picks (from www.championselect.net)
o Detailed abilities with video
o Story

- All items information

- Full Masteries, Runes, Spells databases

- Builds from your favorites websites:
o A complete reader with all the build information
o Mobafire
o Solomid
o LoLPro

- Jungle Timers
o 5vs5 and 3vs3 modes
o Custom timers (flash, wards...)
o Vibrator or sound at the end of the timers
o Notifications warning you even when the application is in background

- Widget that displays the Free Champion Rotation (to use the widget, the application must be installed on the device internal storage, not the SD card)

- Servers status

- Up to date data:
o Update your Game data when you want ! No boring download at application start, YOU decide when you have the time to update your League of Legends data.
o Thanks to our engine, the data is updated right after Riot’s update. Whenever an update is released, it will be in the Memento.

- Game data available in all League of Legends supported languages.

- Elaborated Design and Ergonomy.

Feel free to contact us by mail if you have any suggestions.

You can help us translate the app in your language. The website Crowdin is really easy and fast to use, so don''t hesitate to contribute!

League Of Legends © Riot Games Inc. All right reserved.
League of Legends and Riot Games Inc. are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games Inc.

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