Ghost Meter-PKE Detector Free

Ghost Meter-PKE Detector Free
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(490 total ratings on Google Play)


Now detects changes in Electromagnetic Fields(E.M.F.)!

Does busting make you feel good? Have the urge to look for some ghosts? You won''t know where they are unless you can detect PsychoKinetic Energy (PKE), and that is what Ghost Meter for Android does!

Two modes to choose from:

"Real Mode"
Use your phone to scan electromagnetic fields around you. Spirits are said to cause disruptions in electromagnetic fields. Used by modern day paranormal investigators, E.M.F. scanners are used to detect changes in electromagnetic fields. Turn your phone into a Ghost Scanner/ EMF detector and start catching some ghosts!

"Play mode"
Fool your friends into thinking there are spirits around you with Ghost Meter for Android!

Ghost Meter for Android uses your phones accelerometer to increase or decrease the "strength" of a ghostly presence.

Tilt your phone''s screen towards you to increase the intensity, and lay it flat to decrease the intensity (Long press the screen to use opposite axis).

Also, check out the most comprehensive Ghostbusters Fan website on the internet by visiting Ghostbusters Fans at www.GBFans.com!

More options available via the menu:
- Mute sounds
- Blink the camera LED (not working on Motorola Phones)
- Flash the background
- Fast Beep mode increases the speed of the beeping.
(If this shuts all sound off then your phone can''t handle it, don''t use this option)

This is a beta-release, so if you experience any issues, please e-mail me! In most cases I can correct the issue quickly if I know what is causing the problem, but I cannot reply/respond to market posts!

It is POSSIBLE that flashing the Camera LED at a high rate could cause damage to the camera LED''s! I have yet to see this on ANY device that the app has been tested with, but it is possible. I will not be held responsible for any damage caused to your device by using this software. In short, use Ghost Meter - PKE Detector at your own risk!

An ad-free version is also available for a small donation!

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