Video Chat by FriendCaller

Video Chat by FriendCaller
(7600 total ratings on Google Play)
C2Call GmbH / Communication
Downloads: 1.0M
(7600 total ratings on Google Play)


Free Group Video Chat, VoIP calls and IM for your Android mobiles and tablets!

• FriendCaller has now introduced Public / Private Key encryption
• Multimedia Messaging – Send images, videos, animations, voice and video messages to your friends.
• You can even send your current location and share contacts and friends
• Works cross-platform on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Facebook & all Internet browsers
• Free Video Conferencing for up to 7 LIVE Video Chat plus 20 Voice participants! Only with FriendCaller you can see all your friends at the same time while talking to them.

• Also send texts (SMS) and Instant Messages (IM). The FriendCaller messenger supports Group Messaging on your Android mobiles and tablets with family and friends, around the world.

Multimedia Messaging:

Turn your Android HD device into a complete Video and Voice over IP (VoIP) phone; make Voice calls to over 400 global networks, FREE Video Calls, easy Group Calling and Instant Messaging. Now, bringing further improved Group Video Call and Multimedia Messaging feature, hence saving big on your monthly cellular bills.

Features including:
• FREE to download, FREE Group Video Chat
• Full 3G/4G/WiFi support on all Voice and Video calls
• Multimedia Messaging which allows you to send images, videos, animations, voice and video messages
• Location Sharing
• FREE FriendCaller to FriendCaller HD Audio/Video calls, Group Video Calls, Group Messaging and Instant Messages
• The ultimate smooth real Group Video Calling experience with 7 Video participants and 20 more members for Audio access
• Cheap International call rates
• Instant Messages to FriendCaller users with offline email notification
• Call forwarding
• Call and message history
• Facebook Connect – Login directly using your Facebook account and initiate instant Voice calls and Video chat
• Invite friends via email, address book or import contacts from your favorite email provider
• Offer Wall feature - Download latest apps and earn free calling credits
• Integrated echo-cancellation
• A Personal Phone number – Your second phone line
• Caller-ID / DID (Direct Inward Dialing a simple yet useful feature)
• Push notifications facility with C2DM technology, saving battery
• Multilingual support (Chinese, German, French, Italian and Spanish)
And now with the newly launched Android HD version in the marketplace, you can enjoy:
• Rich Media Messaging – Send images, videos, animations, voice and video messages to your friends. You can even send your location information.

NO additional connection charges, set-up Fee, or monthly subscriptions.
NO need to set up Video Chat Rooms, you can create instantly as many groups you like and start your Video Chat instantly, call or exchange instant messages!

FriendCaller app is also available for:

iPhone, iPod touch, iPad


Nokia S40

SIP devices

Windows, Mac, Internet browser-based BrowserPhone

We support over 2133 Android devices, to provide you a trouble-free voice and video calling interface.

3rd Party VoIP and Instant Messaging Services

FriendCaller is a unique VoIP service, you cannot use your AIM, Fring, HeyWire, Google Talk, iCall, MeeBo, Nimbuzz, Skype, Truphone, TextFree, TextNow or other services'' account with FriendCaller.

Visit us

Official Website: http://www.friendcaller.com
Official Blog: http://blog.friendcaller.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/friendcaller
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/friendcaller

If you face any issue, please visit our help pages at http://fc.vc/fc-help, or request premium support at http://support.friendcaller.com.

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