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Graphing Calculator Free
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Innovative, integrated scientific/graphing calculator with an intuitive and customizable interface.
You can use the following in your expressions
• Basic algebraic operations
• Power functions
• Trigonometric functions and their inverses (RAD, DEG)
• Hyperbolic functions and their inverses
• Exponential and logarithmic functions
• Factorial, the Gamma function Γ and Psi function Ψ.
• Absolute value and Step functions.
• Graph functions, parametric equations and point sets using Cartesian or polar coordinate systems.
• Generate table of values for functions and parametric equations.
• Calculate definite integrals of functions.
• Calculate area under the graph in both Cartesian and polar cases.
• Calculate arc length of the graphs in both Cartesian and polar cases.
• Calculate expressions containing complex numbers, such as, (2+3i)^i+5∠(4). You can use i or j for the imaginary unit. The result is given in standard, polar and other forms.
• Choice of scientific, engineering and fixed point notations.
• Choice of background color for the calculator.
• Curve fitting and linear regression lines: When plotting a point set, the graphing calculator can also find and graph the polynomial of the least degree containing all the points. It can also find and graph the least-squares line - which best fits the given set of points. Or, you can just connect the points with straight lines to form a polygon, for example.
• The calculator also provides a very useful and intuitive units converter for converting units of mass, length, time and many more quantities.

When viewing the Graphs:
• Touch Polar on the upper right corner of the graphing area to draw the graphs in polar coordinate system.
• Drag the graphs. To center the graph on the screen, touch the coordinate indicator on the top left corner of the graphing area.
• Touch ++ or -- on the lower right corner of the graphing area to zoom in or out.
• Touch the lower left corner of the graphing area (where the caption is) to reset zoom.

Additional features when you upgrade
• Graph multiple functions, parametric equations and point sets simultaneously.
• Find all the x-intercepts of the graph of a function on an interval with a single click.
• Find the points of intersection of the graphs of two functions.
• Calculate symbolic derivatives of functions and parametric equations and graph the derivatives.

Syntax( by examples)
The graphing calculator, for convenience, automatically appends a default interval to function and parametric expressions and graphs or does calculations over the interval. You can change the endpoints of the interval, of course.

• Function: f(x) = xsin(2x) intvl=(-∞, ∞). (You don''t have to type in the interval ''intvl=(-∞, ∞)''; the graphing calculator appends it when you press the graph button. You can change the end-points as desired.)
• Parametric: p(t) = 3cos(3t), 3sin(2t) intvl=(0, 2π). (You can use x for t.) Note: enter x(t) and y(t) separated by a comma (no enclosing parentheses around p(t) ).
• Point set: 1,2; 2,3; 4,5; Note: enter the point (x,y) as x,y;
•• On the initial use, it’s recommended, especially for larger screens, that you go to Action Bar/Menu > Set Layout, and then choose between 2 or 4 lines of trig functions and whether you want to show or hide the hyperbolic functions. Your settings will be saved even when you close the calculator. You can change them at anytime later.
Main features

All of the above with more details are included in the built-in Instruction menu accompanying this graphing calculator.

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