Keeper® Password Manager

Keeper® Password Manager
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Keeper Security, Inc. / Productivity
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(35.063k total ratings on Google Play)


Do you have trouble remembering your passwords and private information? Do you use the same password for every site? Do you want to protect your private files? If so, you need Keeper.

Password Manager
Keeper protects you against hackers with a secure and convenient password manager. Your passwords, logins, credit card numbers, bank accounts and other personal information is saved in your private digital vault that is encrypted and unbreakable. Keeper’s password generator creates high-strength passwords for your different websites, which is the best way to protect your privacy.

Keeper is #1
With over 5 million users across 16 languages, Keeper is the most popular password manager and data vault on Android, iOS, Mac and PC platforms. Keeper uses the highest levels of privacy and security (256-bit AES, PBKDF2) and is a zero-knowledge provider. This means only YOU have the ability to access your information.

Convenient and Easy to Use
Keeper is easy to access on all of your devices and computers. Instantly searchable and highly organized, Keeper Password Manager makes life easier. You can even share private Keeper records with other Keeper users - such as your partner or co-worker. The Keeper Web App is an easy-to-use online password manager that sync’s to your devices.

Secure File Manager
Our secure file storage feature allows you to store confidential files, photos, videos and other documents in your Keeper vault. Files are encrypted and secured with the same zero-knowledge encryption technology used to manage your passwords. Keeper is more secure than other cloud storage providers.

When you upload a file or photo from your mobile device or drag-and-drop using the Web App at https://keepersecurity.com, your file is instantly encrypted and protected in Keeper''s Cloud Security Vault. Files will never appear in your Camera Roll or SD card.

Auto-Fill Login and Password
Check out our ground-breaking feature called Keeper FastFill™. It lets you create and fill passwords into mobile apps - including Internet, Chrome and a million other Android apps.

We have the most secure auto-fill features of any password manager. We also offer the same seamless experience on your desktop computer -- Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer are fully supported.

Secure Sharing
Using Keeper to share your passwords is secure and convenient. Simply tap the "Share" button from your vault and invite your partner or co-worker to view the file. Using public/private key encryption + 256-bit AES, Keeper shares passwords and files securely from Vault-to-Vault.

Two-Factor Authentication
For added security, Keeper supports Two-Factor Authentication using Text Message, Voice Call and Google Authenticator.

Internal Controls
Keeper is a SOC-2 certified company. This means we adhere to the strongest levels of internal controls covering security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

Keeper for Groups & Enterprise
Keeper offers an enterprise-level password manager called Keeper for Groups. Use the admin console to manage your team''s users and devices. We also support Active Directory for automated user provisioning. Learn more at https://keepersecurity.com/groups.

Preloaded on AT&T Phones
Keeper is preloaded on AT&T Android and Windows Smartphones & Tablets.

Free vs. Paid
Keeper offers free storage on your device. Sync & Cloud Backup is free for 30 days and requires subscription thereafter. Purchase via in-app payment or online from https://keepersecurity.com/buy.

To read more about Keeper''s privacy and security, go to https://keepersecurity.com.

Keeper, Password Keeper and the Keeper logo are registered trademarks of Keeper Security, Inc.
U.S. Patent No. 8,656,504 and 8,738,934. Patents Pending.

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