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LyricsPlayer is not a Music Player. This app displays the lyrics of the song you''re listening to. Instead of having to download a new music player or browse in google for the lyrics, this app gets the current track and searches for the them automatically. When you open the app the lyrics just appear and are saved so the next time you don''t have to download them again. You can browse your downloaded lyrics in "Saved lyrics".

When listening to a song you want to see the lyrics of just open this app and the lyrics will appear automatically. When changing a song a notification will appear for 30 seconds and if you click it you can also see the lyrics. (This is enabled by default so you can test it and can be disabled in Settings. It''s useful if you often wanna check the lyrics).

You can also pick a song from your music library or type the song name.

The app has 5 different themes (blue, green, pink, holo and holo dark) so you can customize it a little!

By the way, if the lyrics of the song are wrong you can always change the source.

The app searches in (at the moment) 6 different websites for lyrics.

This app is intended to work with as many music players as possible. It works in:

- Google Music
- SonyEricsson / Sony Music Player
- Winamp (Needs to be fixed)
- Miui
- Apollo
- PowerAmp
- Samsung
- UberMusic
- Cubed

It may work in (added but not tested yet):
- Rdio
- Amazon
- LastFM

This program is still in Beta, things I want to add/improve:

- Add support for more players
- Add more websites for lyrics (for french and german songs basically).
- Change the icon
- [DONE] Fix problem with tildes
- Bugs/improvements
- [DONE] Appear in the notification bar for ~30 seconds after changing the track (This could be disabled in Settings)

NOTE: This app needs to create a service that it''s triggered when the song is changed. This service is only about 3MB of RAM (and the cpu usage is almost zero). The service only does work when the song changes and the only thing it does is saving the artist and track name.

Permissions explained:

- INTERNET: To search for the lyrics
- RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: To be able to listen to new songs intents (it''s a really small service)

Ads (Required by TapForTap):
- ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: To know if there''s internet
- ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: To know if you''re on WiFi
- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To save thumbnails
- READ_PHONE_STATE: To know if there''s connection

I''m trying a new platform called TapForTap where ads are "free" and used just as a way to share applications. Everytime somebody clicks in an ad in this app I get a point that will be used to display the LyricsPlayer ad in another app. You can disable them in settings but since they''re not annoying (I''ve even disabled them on landscape mode to gain vertical space) you should leave them on.

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