Parking Rush

Parking Rush
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(910 total ratings on Google Play)


Randy Schoonover
"Fun Some people don''t like driving cars in real life. But I do and some car games suck but this one''s fun"

Possibly the most fun parking game for Android... Period!

Most people don’t like to drive because of the traffic and finding a good parking spot. Even if you do find a parking spot, the challenge is to park it efficiently without damaging your car, or worse.. somebody else’s car.

With Parking Rush, we can get you parking like a pro in no time (50 levels to be precise). We have recreated 50 most common parking situations that exist in real life. If you master them all, there isn’t a parking spot that is too challenging. Smooth controls, realistic vehicle physics and challenging parking missions will not only test your real driving but your parking skills also.

• Realistic driving physics
• Simple controls laid out for two thumbs
• Virtual steering wheel for pinpoint control
• 50 levels of parking fun
• Dual challenge of collecting parking cash and parking
• Please support us so we can add more levels

Just like in real life where you need to pay for parking, Parking Rush too needs you to collect the parking fee first before being allowed to park. So don’t forget to collect the cash in the game first.

It’s a simple game where you need to control your car with an on-screen steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals. Just ensure that you don’t damage your car by hitting any cars or walls.

If you are a fan of parking games and want to try something different than parking buses, parking trucks or heavy trucks, this is for you! We are giving you a brand new car to drive and park, so please take care of your brand new car and don’t get a dent on your car. You won’t be shouted by your parents when you damage the car, but please take good care. Lastly, don’t worry nobody''s going to ask you for your license even if you do crash your car.

So are you ready to take this fun filled 50 level challenge?

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