Run Peeman Run

Run Peeman Run
(710 total ratings on Google Play)
Casual Bee / Action, Arcade
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(710 total ratings on Google Play)


What happens when you are with your girlfriend on a date and you have to relieve yourself? Sounds Easy…Test your concentration now!!!!

Most guys hold themselves up to a point when they can''t hold back anymore and make a run to the nearest loo, resulting in some... umm interesting and rather disastrous incidents involving just your pants if you are lucky. If unlucky you end up at the emergency room of the nearest hospital with a rather embarrassing injury :).

Run Peeman Run explores the day to day situation which guys face
when they have too many cold drinks on their date and forget how
difficult is to leave their girlfriend and relieve themselves.

There are 4 themes in the game which we all have faced when we
are with our girlfriends:
• Movie Theme: You are at the movies holding our girlfriend’s
hand and suddenly you want to Pee. What do you do now?
• Valentine Theme: You have been waiting for hours on your
Valentine date to meet your girlfriend and had too many glasses of water in anxiety. The best part is that when
you make a quick run to the loo just when you see your girlfriend come into the restaurant
• Swimming Pool: What happens when you have peed a little in the simming pool and now have to rush to the loo to relieve yourself
• Beer Pong: Peeman lost the Beer Pong Game and had to drink lots and lots of beer. He has drunk so much that he had to leave the game and rush to the loo where a couple is busy making out.

How to play:
All you have to do is to touch the Press button and keep pressing
until the seat falls, upon which you release your touch to escape the
lid hurting you. But, beware, if you leave the touch early you will
pee all over himself and you will lose the game.


• Simple and easy to understand interface to get you in the game
• Leaderboard to keep track of the top 3 scores
• Tablet ready HD graphics, animations and great voice-overs
• Test your concentration and focus
• Unlimited gameplay
• Easy to understand gameplay, with no language barriers

Run Peeman Run is a very funny but silly game that will not only test
your patience but improve your concentration. It may sound easy,
but sometimes it''s really hard to judge when the toilet seat will fall
on Peeman.

Visit us at http://www.casualbee.com/portfolio-item/peeman/

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