POCHIRECO,kawaii household app

POCHIRECO,kawaii household app
(2900 total ratings on Google Play)
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(2900 total ratings on Google Play)


(No need to worry about troublesome registration!)
As simple as possible, the 【POCHI♥RECO】 accounting application is simple, convenient, and also has a cute design! It''s easy and fun to enter data, and you''ll want to use it every day without even thinking about it!

If you think it''s too troublesome and complicated to stick to entering data in your accounting book every day, we recommend this application for you.

It will be easy to make entries and keep track of your expenditures on a continuing basis in no time.

Accounting software【POCHI♥RECO】''s features

1. Input is incredibly simple!
It''s very easy to record income and expenditures by simply inputting the amount in the application''s calculator and tapping a button.
If you absent mindedly forget the input the application sends you a notice, so you can continue using it every day without forgetting.♪

2. You can customize categories yourself♪
Categories can be customized. It''s not a "food expense" but "lunch fee" for lunch with a friend.
Categories you never use can also be deleted so you can create your own original accounting book to fit your lifestyle.

3, It''s easy and fun to understand when and what you used it on♪
With the calendar feature, you can intuitively see how much was spent by date.
You can record not only the amount spent and what it was spent on, but you can also leave little notes.

4, You can also set goals and have fun saving!
You can compare a set budget amount and how much you actually spend simply by separate categories.
It''s also possible to compare how much you spent last month, and how much remains until a certain date at a glance!
With this you can have fun saving money♪


There are lots of other functions, too☆

○ You can set the summary start date
You can set a month''s budget and the summary start date to suit your needs.

○ You can also add additional entries
If you want to add an additional entry, select the date you need and simply input the entries to register it.

○ Alarm function
You can input your entries for each hour, so you will be notified on the entries you made for a particular time.

Free household accounting book app 【POCHI♥RECO】 is perfect for such people!
○I want to save money, but I can''t cut costs...
I want to know how I can manage my expenditures simply and know what I''m wasting money on!
○ Too many receipts pile up and turn into clutter...
I want to fill things out easily and eliminate receipts!

Please contact us with your opinions or requests through the application''s inquiry section!

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