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Checkers HD
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Checkers or English draughts, also called American checkers or straight checkers is a form of the board game draughts. Checkers app is a modern version of ancient classic game. Checkers is a simple, classic, free, fun and addictive game for 1 or 2 players. You can play as single player against Android or play with your friends or relatives. One player plays red pieces and the other black pieces. Checkers is played on an eight-by-eight squared board (with sixty-four total squares) with twelve pieces on each side. The pieces move and capture diagonally. They may only move forward until they reach the opposite end of the board, when they are crowned or kinged and may henceforth move and capture both backward and forward. Jumping and multiple jumps are mandatory (even if it''s to the jumping player''s disadvantage). A player wins by capturing all of the opposing player''s pieces. In next game the winner of the previous game is the one who starts the game.

Try playing Checkers on your Android device. Kids and people of all ages love playing Checkers app! Try it for yourself and you will love it!

Checkers app offers:
- single and two player mode – play against Android or against another human
- 3 different levels in single player mode; easy, medium, hard
- 2 playing modes: move by clicking or by sliding tokens (needs to be enabled in settings)
- shows available moves of selected piece
- shows mandatory moves (jumps)
- game statistics
- simple design that looks great on all android devices and display sizes, including tablets
- small size, less than 1MB!
- new game starts automatically after the previous one ends for more fun and faster playing
- ultrafast response times of Android player
- hours of fun for you, your kids, friends and relatives
- perfect for wasting time while on the way to school or work
- kids love it and keeps them occupied for hours!

How to play? Checkers is played by one player playing against Android or two players on opposite sides of a playing board, alternating moves. The opponent''s pieces are captured by jumping over them. An uncrowned piece may only jump diagonally forwards, kings may also jump diagonally backwards. A piece that is jumped is captured and removed from the board. Multiple-jump moves are possible if when the jumping piece lands, there is another immediate piece that can be jumped; even if the jump is in a different direction. Jumping is mandatory – whenever a player has the option to jump, that person must jump (even if it''s to the jumping player''s disadvantage). Any piece, whether it is a king or not, can jump a king. If a player''s piece moves into the kings row on the opposing player''s side of the board, that piece is said to be crowned (or kinged), becoming a king and gaining the ability to move both forwards and backwards. If a player''s piece jumps into the kings row, the current move terminates; having just been crowned, the piece cannot continue on by jumping back out (as in a multiple jump), until the next move. A player wins by capturing all of the opposing player''s pieces.

Checkers originates back to ancient Egypt and is one of the oldest games known to men.

Checkers can also be called English draughts, American checkers, straight checkers, draughts, damas, dama, dame or damka.

Our mission at Classic Games is to bring the best classic, timeless games to Android devices, for free, with the best design, highest quality of professional programming, smallest size and much much more in order to ensure the best playing experience and endless hours of fun playing alone or with your friends, relatives and loved ones.

Please send us an email telling us about games you miss playing, the ones you played for days when you were a kid and we will bring them back to life for your Android device.

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