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Pixel Media Controller - mDLNA
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Pixel Media Controller is DLNA compatible Digital Media Controller (DMC) and Player on Android Platform. It discovers all UPnP/DLNA compliant/certified devices from the Home Network, such as Digital Media Server (DMS), Digital Media Renderer (DMR) and Digital Media Printer (DMPr) and it helps you to control all smart devices from your Android SmartPhone and Tablet and also enable your device to play back Media Server/NAS contents at your android device locally.

Pixel Media Controller (Pixel DMC)
enables you to browse digital media contents from your Digital Media Server (DMS) and play them to digital media renderers (DMR) such as "dlna-compliant" Digital-TV and other "dlna-compliant" audio/video renderer devices or your devices itself using local Media Player. It also enables you to browse image content from the DMS and print at UPnP/DLNA compliant/certified Printer (DMPr).

Pixel Media Controller allows you to remotely control the playback of your renderer devices, even if they’re in a completely different area of your home. Using Pixel Media Controller, you can control volume of your TV, you can pause a media file or resume play back and it also support track change for Next media file and Previous Media file.

Pixel Media Controller allows you to print an Image file (JPEG/PNG/BMP) which is reside on the remote DMS to the "dlna-compliant" Printer. It also helps you to configure your Print Job before printing to the Printer.

Pixel Media Controller is one point solution on Android platform to control all "dlna-compliant" devices such as Digital TV, Mobile Phone, Printer, NAS devices and many more at your home.

* dlna compliant Digital Media Controller for Android Platform
* Discover for all dlna compliant devices – DMS, DMR, DMPr
* Support remote DMS browsing for digital media contents (Image, Song, Video)
* Select media content from DMS and Play back to DMR
* Media Playback control - Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind and Forward, Seek (Forward, Rewind)
* Audio control for Songs and Video – Volume-Up,
* PlayResume - Stop media playback while watching and start the last played file from same location using PlayResue (PlayResume track last 10 video files).
* Select media content from DMS and Play back locally using local media player
* Image Viewer for viewing Images form DMS to locally
* Image slideshow for Local Image previewing DMS and PlayToDMR
* Audio Player for playing audio file form DMS to locally
* Continuous Audio Track Playback from DMS to LocalPlayer
* Select Image content from DMS and Print to "dlna-compliant" Printer
* Support Print, Print Cancel, Printer Event (Job-ID, Print Successful, Print Cancel etc.) for DMPr device
* Support WiFi, Tether and Ethernet for DLNA Home Network
* AlbumArt for Audio & Video
* Image Thumbnail
* UPnP/DLNA device icons as DMS and DMR

Pixel Media Controller (v 5.5) is tested with "dlna-compliant" leading Digital Media Server, Digital Media Renderer and Digital Media Printer and with Conformance Test Tool for this technology. Please provide your valuable feedback on Pixel Media Controller.

Please have a look for our other "dlna-compliant" apps on Android platform from CMC Limited.

Digital Media Server: "Pixel Media Server – DMS"
Digital Media Renderer(DMR): "Pixel Media Renderer - DMR"

For any queries or issue related to Pixel Media Controller, please send e-mail to

We are happy to help you.

Disclaimer:This app is not DLNA certified solution and this app is not claiming that "App has passed interoperability testing standards approved, endorsed or sponsored by DLNA". This application is not certified by DLNA Organization (www.dlna.org) or its associate partner and we are not listed Member Company of this organization. DLNA® is trade mark of DLNA Organization.

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