Jet Ball

Jet Ball
(2400 total ratings on Google Play)
Codefreeze / Arcade
Downloads: 50k
(2400 total ratings on Google Play)


Jet Ball is a powerful Breakout / Arkanoid game packed with stunning visuals, tons of dynamic levels and lots of fresh ideas. Brick breaker genre reinvented.

AppSafari.com - 5/5, 148apps.com - 4.5/5, SlapApp.com - 5/5, PocketFullOfApps.com - 4.5/5.

***** 148apps.com *****


Jet Ball takes all the past successes and failures of the “brick-breaking” genre and establishes a new standard, shattering the bricks of it’s predecessors.

Read more: http://www.148apps.com/reviews/jet-ball/

******* AppSafari.com ********

Rating: 5/5

Jet Ball is a brickbreaker fan’s dream come true!

Read more: http://www.appsafari.com/games/11456/jet-ball/

***** SlapApp.com *******

Rating: 5 / 5

If you’re a fan of arkanoid style block-breaking games then you really need to check out Jet Ball. Take your standard brick-breaking game, subtract what you don’t like, and inject the good parts with steroids and you’ll get Jet Ball.

Read more: http://www.slapapp.com/jet-ball

***** AppShouter.com *******

This Brick-breaker takes things to a whole new level!

Read more: http://www.appshouter.com/jet-ball-iphone-app-review/

***** TouchMyApps.com *******

Ball Paddling Brilliance!

Overall I would say that codefreeze did a great job with Jet Ball. They’ve created an amazing brick-breaking game that is laced with its own style and flare. With its stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, Jet Ball is an easy ‘grab’ that I would have to recommend to all Arkanoid fans and arcade games in general.

Read more: http://www.touchmyapps.com/2010/03/26/jet-ball-in-review/

***** PocketFullOfApps.com *******

Rating 4.5/5

Jet Ball is perfect for any casual gamer out there, and with so much jammed into one game, there is no reason why you should not pick it up today.

Read more: http://pocketfullofapps.com/03/30/2010/jet-ball-review.html

******* CharacterArcade.com ********

If you are looking for an exciting, addictive new game with great graphics to play on your iPhone, Jet Ball could be just what you are looking for.


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gf_vvfzuDXQ


Destroy all static and moving bricks and obstacles to win the level. Touch and move left or right the pulsing circle under the pad to control it. Touch anywhere higher with another finger (use multi-touch) to release a ball, launch a rocket or shoot with plasma gun.

Shining blocks contain bonuses that can seriously change the situation. Green power-ups will help you to cope the task – such as ball splits, rocket launcher, plasma gun, fire ball, acid ball, magnet, shield and so on. Try to avoid red power-downs, that can speed up balls, decrease board size, make balls flight trajectory unpredictable or even explode the board.

- bright, impressive graphics, nice visuals
- 145 spinning and moving levels
- really fast paced gameplay
- 4 difficulty levels
- 25 different power-ups and power-downs
- online leaderboards and lots of achievements
- over 60 different blocks and obstacles, rectangle and round blocks, moving blocks, exploding blocks and plasma-star blocks, springs and teleports
- original soundtrack and sound effects
- current game auto save
- background music is possible

The perfect choice for all fans of arcade games such as arkanoid or breakout!

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