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Kids Games free coloring
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Free and easy coloring book for kids. If your child loves coloring pages, this simple coloring game will give inspiration for hours of creativity, play and learning.

100 coloring pages in different categories: horses, dinosaurs, princesses, cars, fairies, dolphins, aircrafts, knights, kids playing, winter and summer.

Horses: If you love horse riding and horses girl racing then these coloring pages are great for you! Think of the stables where your favorite horse or pony stays. Create for example your own "Horse Frenzy" look-a-like Wallpaper. Do you know how a horse sounds? Can you imitate it? Have fun with the horses coloring pages!

Dino: Think of a dino running like T-rex through the safari, jurassic park or zoo. Do you know how a dino sounds? Create your own dinosaurs coloring page and try to find the answers!

Princess: Choose a princess from the fashion models. Dress up the girls. Add some jewelry, do their hair and nails. Use all colors available or create a Princess Snow White. Ask your mother for beauty tips or add some diy clothing.

Cars: No toy car but real cars! Design a car racer for free! Add a gas station, garage or other building. Make the coloring page yours. And when it is ready, make some real car sounds!

Fairy: Different coloring pages of fairies at different places like a garden with bees, fruit, mushrooms and plants. Create your own Cinderella, Snow White or other fairy. This fairies coloring book keeps you busy for hours!

Dolphins: I become happy when seeing dolphins. Dolphins jump and catch fish or play for example with a seahorse. They have no natural enemies. Make some dolphins sounds! So funny! Try out all dolphins coloring pages.

Aircrafts: Planes are great! No matter If it is a jet or double-deck. Fast or slow, it is always fun looking at planes. At every airport you’ll find many different plane models. Visit a museum for listening to cockpit sounds and aircraft sounds during landing. This coloring game is just for you if you love aircrafts in all sorts!

Knights: When you think of knights, you think of horses, swords, helmets, armor, lances and of course shields. Think of being King Arthur, Lancelot or any other medieval super hero. These knights coloring pages are great for boys.

Kids playing: This category of coloring pages is about playgrounds. Suitable for both girls and boys. You will find objects here like a bike, seesaw, football, balloon slide and more. Think of playing hide and seek or doing a bike race. These coloring pages are a great kids game for 3 years old boys and girls.

Winter: The winter with its cold, snow and ice means that it is necessary to wear goggle, gloves and earmuffs. But it''s so fun to throw snowballs or a snowball game. Also making a snowman is of course very nice. This makes you forget all the warm clothes quickly. These coloring pages are all about...the winter!

Summer: The summer is great because of the sun and its heat. Going on holidays during the summer months is fun! Play beachball on beach sand castles or design, go swimming, good diving, riding a beach buggy and sip cocktails in the sunshine! It is about fun! Keep all of this in mind when creating your next coloring page!

Kids Coloring Game is an educational game for stimulating creativity of toddlers,
preschoolers and children. If you or your little boy or girl loves to color,
paint or draw and loves for example a racing car, try it! It''s funny and much more
creative than an math or alphabet car. This coloring book fits perfectly within
the category: Kids games free 4 years old. This is one of the easiest free coloring book for kids.

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