1TouchMore (Speed Dial & SMS)

1TouchMore (Speed Dial & SMS)
(1000 total ratings on Google Play)
Comm-ez, Inc. / Communication
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(1000 total ratings on Google Play)


[1TouchMore] makes your phone quick and easy to use.

【 [1TouchMore] key features】

◆Pre-defined most frequently used phone numbers and text messages
[1TouchMore]’s well-designed user interfaces provide an effortless way for you to set up your most frequently used phone numbers and text messages on your cell phone’s home page. You can dial the number or send out text message any time simply by one touch of the widget icon. It saves your valuable time by eliminating complicated, repetitive processes. It is so easy to use; you can be more focused on what you are dealing with when you are in a hurry.

◆Replace text in SMS for recipient
Introducing simple and personalized features for writing texts, you can insert replaceable content such as [last name], and [first name] for sending the same message to multiple contacts at the same time. [1TouchMore] will substitute the recipient’s last name and name for you.

◆[1TouchMore] widget
With [1TouchMore] you can set up a widget on the home page. Making calls or sending texts will be as easy as one touch and done.

◆Event status and history log
Each event defined in [1TouchMore] has its own status. Red indicates can’t make the call or the sent text message failed. Yellow means the text message has been sent out, but there is no response yet. Green means not only the call or the text message is put through, but the corresponding response is received. The app also keeps the event transmission history log so that you can check it any time.

◆Elegant and personalized themes and styles
[1TouchMore] provides various themes and styles from which you can choose. We will provide enhanced functions in the future release so that you can design your own themes and styles used in your [1TouchMore].

◆Tablet Control
Add Tablet Version, you can control phone to dial or send text messages through tablet

◆Support multiple languages
[1TouchMore] provides user interfaces and tutorials in English, Spanish, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese. More languages will be supported in the future releases.

[1Touchmore] is a stylish, easy to use, elegant app that simplifies complicated processes when you make calls or send text messages. It only takes a few simple steps to set up your speed dials and text messages on your cell phone home page so that you can make calls or send out text messages easily. You can do so with just one touch of the pre-defined event icons on your cell phone’s home page. Not only does [1TouchMore] save you time, it increases your efficiency as well.

【About our products and frequently asked questions (FAQ)】
Please visit our web site (www.comm-ez.com) for more details about our products and services. You may find the reference documents and frequently asked questions (FAQ) in [1TouchMore] web pages very helpful.

【User feedback and rating】
Thank you for downloading and installing [1TouchMore] app on your cell phone. We do hope the app can make your life easier and simpler. We need your feedback so that we can continuously improve the functionalities of our product. Please visit our website and provide your comments. Your feedback will help us make this app more suitable for your use in our next revision. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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