Aces Spades

Aces Spades
(18.889k total ratings on Google Play)
Concrete Software, Inc. / Gaming
Downloads: 1.0M
(18.889k total ratings on Google Play)


Multiplayer is FREE during the Summer Promotion! In-app purchases give 100% more coins!

If you’re looking for the finest card games available for mobile, Aces® has got them in Spades!

The team that brought you Aces® Hearts, Aces Cribbage, and Aces Solitaire is back with a new offering in the Aces line of quality card games.

Aces Spades brings the classic card game to mobile with gorgeous graphics, online multiplayer, and fully customizable gameplay. You’ll team up with one of 11 beautifully rendered Victorian-era characters to test your skill against a variety of colorful opponents, each with their own unique styles of play.

Take tricks, bid nil, and pass to your partner in the most complete Spades experience available for mobile: Aces Spades!

Game Features:

• Online Multiplayer
• Play Standard, Mirror, Whiz, or Suicide
• 11 distinct animated opponents
• 5 difficulty levels and intuitive AI
• Customizable bidding options
• Gameplay suited for all skill levels
• Leaderboards and achievements

♦♦♦ Permissions requested and how they are used ♦♦♦
• android.permission.INTERNET: This permission is used to: 1) link to our website, 2) link to social networking like Twitter and Facebook, 3) update leaderboards, 4) collect gameplay data that we use to improve our games, and 5) allow ad networks that advertise within the app.
• android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: This permission is used primarily to check for a network connection before attempting to connect to our website.
• android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This permission allows the app to access game data saved on an external storage device.
• android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE: This permission allows the app to establish a unique ID for our leaderboards that can be used across all of our applications.
• android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: This permission allows the app to establish a unique ID for our leaderboards for tablets that do not have telephone information.
• android.permission.VIBRATE: This permission is used to access vibration functionality on the device.

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