Solitaire Champion

Solitaire Champion
(1600 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1600 total ratings on Google Play)


IMPORTANT: Due to a number of people preferring the old more conservative user interface we have decided to give everyone freedom of choice. With latest update this game will return to the old look and feel and a new game "Solitaire Champion HD" has just been released for those who like the new design better. Your scores will be preserved if you install this update before installing Solitaire Champion HD.

Thank you for your fair feedback and let''s hope splitting out this update will make everyone happy.

Solitaire Champion is an all time classic with a novel twist - finish levels and win reshuffle cards which you can use to mix up cards still remaining on the solitaire table when get stuck with your game.

This Klondike Solitaire game is like no other on the market! Engage in the game instead of frustrating over a solitaire deal that is simply not winnable. Try it and you won''t come back to any other solitaire games being clones of each other.

Solitaire Champion comes with beautiful HD graphics optimized for both small phone screens and large tablets. Cards are animated while being dragged which makes this solitaire game more realistic. Sound effects and visual effect applause you every time new card finds its way into the solitaire foundation.

Read some of the reviews of this solitaire game and you''ll see users raving about it. Be it a unique scoring system, great graphics or just the ease of use - among all solitaire games on the market this one truly stands out.

List of features:
* Beautiful HD graphics
* Unique scoring system with reshuffle card rewards
* Portrait mode
* Landscape mode
* Full tablet support
* Unlimited level Undo
* Hint for the next move
* Click and hold card for easy pickup
* High scores board (local)
* Install to SD card

Solitaire Champion is ad-supported. Thanks to our sponsors this game can be totally free and we can keep working on improving it for you.

Please take your time to rate us in Google Play. Drop us an e-mail if you want to suggest any feature or give us any kind of feedback.

You can find all latest news about Solitaire Champion on our Facebook fanpage. Check out http://www.facebook.com/SolitaireChampion - ''like'' us and you''ll be the first to know about new updates or features coming.

Enjoy your play and become the ultimate Solitaire Champion!

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