Hamster Life

Hamster Life
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Cross Field Inc. / Casual
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(64.187k total ratings on Google Play)


This is a fun pet training game! A free breeding game application with a lovely hamster! Feed and train your cute Hamster at your leisure period. Raise the Ham by boiled rice or stroke, or the belly is full, food will be brought back to a house! You will enjoy many cute behavior of your pet- eating, playing, moving here and there. The training method is various! Let''s raise the Hamster every day and look for its various lovely expression.

*Some basic operations:
- If the Ham is dragged to the wheel car, it will begin to play!
- Coin can be collected.
- Food can be raised with a care button.
- Using go button, a hamster can be moved or furniture can be redecorated.
- If the double-tap of the screen is carried out, the hamster will approach!

* How to collect coin:
- When the hamster is idle in the wheel car and you feed it, some point will be generated.
- When Hamster''s stomach gets full, the points will increase by bringing back the rice to a house.
- The more hamsters increase in number, the more coin and an experience value are saved easily.

* How to increase cheese:
Get bonus cheese at level up by taking care of you Hamster. Also get cheese by playing Mini Game!

* How to increase a hamster:
At the menu screen, touch the Put button at lower-left of the selectable hamster.

* The method of item change:
- The collected point can purchase furniture atshop.
- The bought item can be chosen from a property button and can be arranged.

* About a mini-game:
It is a easy game. You need to tap the screen once in every 1 hour. You will get various gifts like coin, cheese, item, hamster etc!

* About the cage:
At level up, two or more cages can be possessed by coin consumption, direct buying, etc.
Moreover, a hamster kind, a design, a decoration, etc. can be changed with each cage.
Probably, it is also good to change the method of training of a hamster with a cage.

* About sliding bed:
It can be purchased from shop. install it from menu. The training method of a hamster can be increased.

If you have any inquiry, please contact us through gmail address at visitor section.
Lets play! Have fun!
Note: When you uninstall the game, the game data is deleted and gets initialized.

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