Tiny Soccer

Tiny Soccer
(10.424k total ratings on Google Play)
CWA Games / Sport games
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(10.424k total ratings on Google Play)


GOAL!!!!It’s a feast for soccer fans from all over the world!!!!!!
The passionate soccer game rocks back!
Cute graphics, funny story, easy controls and fresh style…an interesting and challenging journey is waiting for you!
You will create your own team and club in the game.
Gradually develop and challenge the soccer teams from all over the world; you can even take the champion''s place on the Heaven Cup podium.
Ancient and modern legendary celebrities come along!
Legendary celebrities such as Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Messi and C. Ronaldo will put on jerseys and gather on the field!
The soccer star Henry was unexpectedly trapped on the field and retired with a disappointed heart. Nobody even knows that the opponents are controlled by evil force!
The hero Ling Yun dreams a great soccer dream and gradually falls into a dangerous situation!
Henry steps forward bravely, helping our hero leading the team to win every match and ultimately sets their feet on the road to the Championship!
Rich players will occupy your dizzying eyes and different improving ways will help you create personalized team
Numerous games make you unable to stop and huge cup rewards are just at your fingertips.
Elaborate Graphics:
Bright and fresh colors with cute characters: you will meet the smiling paunchy Rooney, red beard Guan Yu, handsome Kaka, etc. Their antics will get you a belly laugh!
Events throughout the world: travel through the hustling and bustling modern cities, antique and quaint Chinese towns, beautiful and sunny sands and even the legendary ancient shrines.
A wide variety of stadiums, lawns, sands and even the heaven cloud, wherever you are, the game can fulfill your soccer desire.
The whole game will be recorded and broadcasted. Share your wonderful moments with your friends and other players!

Simply controls:
The controls are very simple and easy to learn. Just tap and slide and use your finger to hold the whole situation!
Original design perfectly combines the soccer game with the touch experience, abandoning the traditional soccer game concept.
Just “Tap” and “Slide” to finish all the controls in the game without losing the playability. According to the different situation, the “Tap” and “Slide” will react differently, which is one of the highlights of the game!

Intriguing stories:
The abundant game stories are full of funny features. This story begins with Henry’s failure which happened 4 years ago and will uncover those little-known inside stories. With humorous dialogues and terrible evil tentacles gradually revealed, this game will usher in a vivid and splendid word in front of your eyes.

Interesting system:
Player recruitment: you can recruit famous players from ancient or modern times in the talent market and each of them has their unique style and attribute. Only a reasonable combination can make a strongest team!
Training field: practicing some warm-up trainings with previous team before the match will not only provide you with rank promotion but also the lucrative gold rewards.
What’s more, there will be random 5-star players popping up for you to purchase
Zhao Yun, Guan Yu, C. Ronaldo and Messi, make sure to seize the opportunity!
You can set your formation, tactics and substitutions before the match according to your own interest to form strongest lineup!
Balotelli, Zinedine, and more famous soccer players will join the game. Stay tuned!

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