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Scientific Calculator Plus
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Scientific Calculator Plus is a powerful mathematical tool to do mathematical analysis and evaluate complicated mathematical expressions similar to Matlab. More than Matlab, it has a mathematical equation(s) solver which helps user to solve mathematical problems. It supports complex number, matrix, (higher level) integration, 2D, polar and 3D chart, string, programming (using a easy-to-use language called MFP) and unit conversion. It can run in both Android phones and tablets, PC or MAC with JAVA installed. Scientific Calculator Plus for Android includes a Scientific Calculator Plus for PC and Mac. User can connect mobile device to any PC or MAC via a USB cable, copy SDcard\AnMath\ folder to his/her own directory and launch the JMathCmd.jar in it. User can also download standalone Scientific Calculator Plus for JAVA (and for .Net) and docs at our website
. Users from mainland China please visit our homepage at

This calculator has provided more than 100 diffused functions covering trigonometric calculation, complex number, matrix, integration, string and chart plotting. It is also able to handle mathematical operators like plus, division, power, percent, etc. And these operators fully support matrix and complex numbers. Thus user is able to evaluate complicated expressions, which are either not supported or hard to input in most traditional calculators. Moreover, the calculator is actually based on an easy-to-use programming language called MFP. Users can develop their own functions using this tool by a PC editor, store them in mobile SD-card and use them in calculator or command line. As a programmable tool, it can do everything.

The calculator can also think for user. It is able to solve unknown variables from complicated expressions and show the result to user. To calculate result of an expression, user input an expression like 3 + log(4.1 / avg(1,5,-3)). To solve unknown variables, user input single expression like log(x) - 7== 3, or a group of expressions like
. Then simply press start button, user will see value of 3 + log(4.1 / avg(1,5,-3)) or solved x or y1, y2 and y3 value.

This calculator has two basic user interfaces: smart calculator interface and command line interface. In the smart calculator interface, user is able to define variables, solve equation(s) and input expression(s) from historical records, using keyboard or clicking function buttons. Function buttons are configurable so that user is able to define his/her input keypads to input user-defined functions quickly.

User can also input expressions and plot 2D, polar or 3D charts in smart calculator. The number of unknown variables and variable name determine whether 2D, polar or 3D chart is plotted. After chart is plotted, smart calculator will show chart snapshot in the output box and history record. User can review the chart by simply clicking the chart snapshot

In the command-line interface (which works like Matlab), user uses keyboard to input expressions and sees the print output (which is not shown in the calculator interface) and return value. Command-line interface is best tool for developers to output intermediate results in their functions.

In order to help user input and evaluate (higher level) integration and plot charts, this calculator includes built-in integration and chart-plotting utilities. User no longer needs to type long and complicated expressions. Instead, by simply filling the text fields and pressing buttons, user will see the results or the charts. All the charts are automatically saved in SD-card which can be viewed and managed by file manager of the calculator later on.

Like Matlab, the calculator also provides a small program editor which gives developers much convenience to build their own functions. Nevertheless, they can also user a PC editor to do this job and save the program files in SD-card for future use.

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