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It''s useful for Korean
But if you wanna learn Korean try this app

Dictionary + FlashCard
Korean -> English
English -> Korean
English -> English

word, Idiom, example, phonetic sign and so on

Wordbook English Dictionary + Flashcards English as the official TOEIC English word math problems, but have to memorize things major word list from Excel file, please create a management

★ After installation, if you pre-synchronization can hear native speakers pronounce
★ Last Updated & Help eopeulnae Help> Check In Notice

[English learner / Wordbook / FlashCards / Repeat]

■ younghan dictionary, English dictionary, Korean dictionary, examples pre-

  - The meaning of words and examples that show that the intuitive results

  - Native pronunciation, phonetic symbols, importance, display, examples, idioms, from Korean to English translation of

  - By typing in the search results Wordbook memorize flash cards and quizzes

  - Support for full screen landscape mode, using more efficient

  - Kakaohtok friend to share applications, and online word list learning together by sharing

  - A delicate taste opsyeopeuro set to fit your own environment

  - Repeat the convenience of pre-install widget to use a dictionary word

  - Required, recommendations words / phrases provide basic Wordbook

■ Word Quiz
  - 4 Line polymorphic word quiz

■ memorize words
  - Examples
  - Phonetic symbols
  - Audio output (to the Speaker, whirring).
  - I forgot this feature
  - Voice-only listening in background mode (mp3 .. like)
  Blind mode (the definition of a word processing question mark).
  - Reverse mode (by reversing the order of words and meaning).
  - Memorize the words to complete management
  - Important words, management
  - Quiz misspelled word learning

■ Review
  - Recent studies word humid to be automatically saved to the calendar display bokseuphal
  - Amgiwanryohan words appear on the calendar so that you can store and bokseuphal
  - Important words in the calendar so that you can store and display bokseuphal
  - Date learning situation management
  - Quiz misspelled word to be stored and DB stored bokseuphal

■ Internet pre-integration

  - Native pronunciation, phonetic symbols, examples from the Internet, pre-import (How to use: the main screen - the whole pre-Sync menu, or click the individual Wordbook)

  - By searching the Internet prior to the right, enter Wordbook.

  - Word search word enteric (learning screen, Wordbook edit screen menu button on the Search button or press and hold)

■ Sharing Wordbook
  - Online word list stored on the server and can be downloaded from someone else''s word list

■ Backup
  - Application to the SD card at the end of the current word list is stored as an Excel file. 10 most recent backups are preserved.
Backup location (/ repeat / excel / backup / Automatic backup / Wordbook name. Xls)

■ Landscape, portrait mode, you can set the screen switching.

■ 4 types of users provides the theme

  - Black, Blue, Yellow, Green

■ Built-IN list of additional Wordbook

  - 2300 TOEIC Words
  - 1100 TOEFL words
  English sayings robaewooneun
  - TOEFL Idioms RC
  -TOEIC LC sentence
  - Tailor the English word
  - SAT compared to the English word
  - Basic English words (elementary, middle).

■ word list can be divided into the desired number.

★ Support Terminals: All terminals of the Android operating system 2.1 or later

■ Education

The English word Wordbook flickering learning English TOEIC SAT English english study toeic toefl ets word wordbook English English flashing memorizing word learning studying TOEIC TOEFL English Language Wordbook Squeaker Language Boca Boca TOEIC TOEFL required painting Wordbook flickering learning English ripit repeat repeat essential repeat labs repeatlabs recommendations free electronic dictionary Chinese Japanese

■ Check here for Help

- PC using Office installed on

- Use Google Docs

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