CPU Manager and Saver Pro

CPU Manager and Saver Pro
(860 total ratings on Google Play)
DaneZ / Productivity
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(860 total ratings on Google Play)


Save Battery and manage your cpu with one application. (and free)

/!\ Need root device /!\

How it''s work:
It save battery by blocking CPU to it minimum value when we don''t need it (when the screen is OFF)\n

You don''t need power when your screen is OFF, and your CPU is still using at maximum frequency by program (in background) so this will lock to very low frequency your CPU and permit you to keep battery.

Up to 3 days autonomy !!!
You can see on one of the pictures:50% battery remaining after more than 24 hours of phone use (with wifi enabled)

How to use settings:
The frequence define in "Lock" will be used to lock your cpu at low value.

"vibrate" option permit to know when the CPU is locked.

You can manage CPU settings with this app too.. (without using lock function).

An option has been added what permit you to listen music with low CPU set.
Ex:If you set 100Mhz at lock, it will not be enought to listen music. The program detect you listen music and set higher CPU Value to permit you listen it..Original value are set back when headset are unplugged..

All options included:
-Detection of incoming call to restore cpu before answer.
-Detection when Music is playing to give enougth power to your phone.
-Detection of Clock alarm to permit you to stop it correctly when you wake up.
-Rescue Mode if you have any issue with detection

Feel free to ask me by email (email:danez02600gmail.com).
If your device hang\freeze on specific value, it''s come from your kernel.

To make it work, set the next value avalaible.

If you like this app, let some stars on market ;)
Here is a comment i had "Simply does what it says it''s going to do. Greatly improves battery life !"

ROM tested:
-Jelly Bean

Phone tested:
Galaxy S
Galaxy S2
Galaxy S3
Galaxy Notes

Kernel tested:

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