A2P Day Agenda Time Table Plan

A2P Day Agenda Time Table Plan
(220 total ratings on Google Play)
Karol Depka Pradzinski / Productivity
Downloads: 50.0k
(220 total ratings on Google Play)


Quick and easy personal timetable/scheduling planner app by App2Par Group (A2P for short).

How about having "I will plan my time!" as a new year''s resolution? :)

We haven''t found any other app like this, so we wrote this one - and it turns out great.

This app helps You plan your time task-by-task.
What makes this tool unique (e.g. different from a typical calendar/todo-list manager app), is that tasks are glued together, so when You change one task, all subsequent tasks move in time automatically.
This gives You another way to get more organized and manage Your time and also keep Your motivation/discipline/focus and keep You on the right track with the goals You want to accomplish.

==== Why is it useful? ===

The app allows you to plan time in a more flexible and fine-grained manner than a calendar and with more precision than todo-list.
The practical and psychological benefits of this approach:

* planning time and a list of tasks helps keeping one''s motivation/discipline. Procrastination be gone! Success literature authors, e.g. Brian Tracy advocate listing tasks for your day and "working off a list". This app goes one step further by providing a way to reality-check whether the planned tasks are going to fit into a given time-frame (e.g. a day or a free evening) and whether the tasks are gonna land at reasonable hours (e.g. whether you''re not gonna end up going shopping after all shops are closed).

* thanks to the ability to estimate and calculate times in the app, one can reality-check the plan whether the planned tasks will fit into the time period that is available.

Although this app is general-purpose, there is a group of people who might have a particular interest in it - people with ADD/ADHD.
Many users of this app, who have ADD/ADHD report increased ability to focus and ability to master time better.

==== More about features ====
There is an option to have notifications at the start of every task.
You can share your plan/agenda with other people/apps.
Works even without network connection (offline).

You don''t have to plan exactly one day (despite the name which is just hint). You can plan e.g. an evening/morning or even a number of consequent days (You can put "sleep" tasks to separate the days).

There is a possibility to remove advertisements using an in-app purchase.

Please feel free to request features - we read every e-mail and comment! Mail day.agenda.planner@gmail.com and/or leave a comment.
Also it''s interesting to know that the authors use the app themselves.

Enjoy the app.

Profiles of the people on the team (open for offers of partnerships/projects/jobs/etc.) :
developers : http://www.linkedin.com/in/karoldepka , http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mateusz-ozimek/40/3a4/a1 ;
tester: http://pl.linkedin.com/in/niedzialek .

==== Permissions explained ====
* "Network access" and "View network connections" - for displaying ad (unless ad removed via in-app purchase).
* Access to SD card - for storing application''s data.

==== Older Changelog (for newest, see "recent changes") :

== v 1.0.14; 2011-10-17
* added "Set Duration" command to menu
* moved "Load" menu item to "Other", to make the menu more usable
== v 1.0.13; 2011-10-12
* ! more touch-friendly: better dialog for setting task duration (with +/- 5/15 minutes, and resetting hrs/mins to zero)!
* ! more touch-friendly: You can now enter duration dialog also by just finger-touching the hours/minutes fields in the table!
* "subject line" text is also set for share/send
* fixed missing app icon
* command to delete all tasks (with confirmation) (in "Other")
* warning when sd card is not present
* new screenshots on app page
== v 1.0.12; 2011-10-10
* setting font size also causes column header fonts to resize proportionally (to save width)
== v 1.0.11; 2011-10-08
* FIX! App now also works on smaller screens (e.g. QVGA; e.g. Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro, HTC Wildfire)!

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