King of Booze: Drinking Game

King of Booze: Drinking Game
(2200 total ratings on Google Play)
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(2200 total ratings on Google Play)


***Highest rated drinking game on the market***
Want to make a certain someone drink more? Do you want to get on someone''s "bad side"? Will you get naked or wasted? Should you show off your singing, dancing, parkour powers or just keep to yourself and drink?

King of Booze is a drinking game that offers players choices, something that''s never been emphasized in a drinking game.

Key features:
- Up to 14 players
- 50+ challenges and choices
- Up to 500 custom challenges
- 2 board layouts
- 2 alcotests (in-game and post game, both optional)
- 19 cute avatars
- 3 game modes

For innocent souls and fun seekers it''s a drinking game, for competitive people it''s a strategic board game.

Since we know drinking games require more challenges than we can think of we''ve created an option which allows YOU to edit and create your own custom cards where you create challenges but also the "price" in drinks for them.

King of Booze also has HALL OF FAME that will keep track of your records in areas such as drinks number, challenges, BAC and laps.

But since drinking can be dangerous we also implemented an alcotest. Once you set it up our system keeps track of your BAC making sure you''re informed about your state and warned in case you "overdo it". Because a drinking game should not only be fun, but make sure you''re safe.

Please drink responsibly.

***FAQ and Tips***

How to set up in-game alcotest?
On the payer set-up screen (where you choose player''s names, characters and color), on the right side of every player''s row there is an alcotest button, after you click it, you need to enter your fullness of stomach, weight, percentage of alcohol for your drink and how large shots/or sips are you gonna take.

Why aren''t numbers in metric/imperial units?
You can change between the two in the settings.

How to turn off automatic dice roll?
You can change between automatic, and click to stop dice in the settings.

How to put custom cards in the surprise fields?
During player set up you can click for game set-up on the bottom of the screen, here you can choose between classic, mixed and custom only setup for cards.

How to play with only custom challenges for every field?
Set up surprise cards to "Custom only" and board fields to "Surprise only"

Quick tip
When playing with shots you should strive more towards challenges than to drinking. If all of your choices are drinking, you''ll be wasted in no time.

***Best of user reviews:***

"Dope Dope drinking Game"

"The best! One of the best drinking games around! Makes drinking super fun and exciting and never fails to get us drunk. :)"

"Wow way too cool. Looks and runs amazingly on my Nexus 10. Best drinking game I''ve played hands down."

"Great game Freaking surprisingly good"

"Rarely been good so drunk xD"

"Super! The best drinking game I''ve ever seen. Super graphics. Super fun. Super self-configurable. Ingenious and the highlight of the thing: it''s free!"

"Amazing Great and fun me and my husband got totally wasted and loved the things you had to do :) 5 stars. Bravo"

"This game got me laid Haha a lot of drinkin for sure"

"Tons of fun Loce this game all the others are boring compared to this one"

":) Super Game * - * perfect for a hot evening with friends, I would recommend vodka Red REWE :))"

"Super Perfect drinking game tasks and not a pervert rather funny but you will quickly drunk if you "drink" only selects."

"Perfect The best drinking game I''ve ever played "

"D-runk This game is better than beer die"

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