Lullaby - Sound to sleep

Lullaby - Sound to sleep
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Lullabies are sung by mothers around the world for their children fall asleep. Your baby can not sleep, cries a lot, why do not you put a lullaby? You can put a nice sound to calm your baby and sleep like an angel. A beautiful song that will really calm your baby.

√ You can choose weather you want to hear the sound.
√ Great quality of the sound
√ Absolutely Relaxing!
√ The best relaxing sound!

A lullaby is a soothing song, usually sung to young children before they go to sleep, with the intention of speeding that process. As a result they are often simple and repetitive. Lullabies can be found in every culture and since the ancient period.

Typically a lullaby is in triple metre, or in a compound metre like 6/8. Tonally, most lullabies are simple, often merely alternating tonic and dominant harmonies: Because the intended effect is to put someone to sleep, wild chromaticism would be somewhat out of character.
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