My Diet Coach - Weight Loss

My Diet Coach - Weight Loss
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Easily win the mental game of dieting! Keep your motivation alive, stay committed and lose weight fast!

Join thousands of happy users!

My Diet Coach will motivate you, help keep you on track, resist food cravings, emotional eating, exercise laziness and other obstacles by motivational arguments, guidelines, tracking challenges, getting virtual rewards for your achievements, helpful reminders and notifications with your goal and your motivational photos .

*** Yay! I lost 10 lbs! Ever since I started my diet and exercise program, I have used this app to remind me of what my goals are to keep me motivated. Excellent app!
*** Amazing! I can set reminders whatever time interval I want to keep me motivated! And so I don''t forget! A great android app!
*** Is fantastic and keeps me on track with healthy eating, challenges and exercising. Love it :)
*** I love it - in 5 weeks I lost 30 kgs
*** Love it! I love this app. It really motivates! My virtual buddy!
*** It''s the best app ever!
*** just like having a personal trainer following you around all day on your mobile device, but far less annoying. :-)

New! - Notifications with voice replies for Android Wear (Watch)

My Diet Coach app will help you to break bad eating habits and guide you into weight loss routine by setting up helpful reminders (like drink water reminder, weigh in reminder, cook healthy food, record in your diet diary what you have been eating ).

My Diet Coach app will increase your weight loss motivation by giving you notifications with your goal, your motivational photo and motivational quotes.

My Diet Coach will help you in making healthy lifestyle changes by setting up daily challenges and tracking them (go to the gym, jogging, walking, home workouts, avoiding junk food, eating healthy food and much more…)

My Diet Coach will give you virtual rewards for being committed and "doing the right thing"

We all know that in order to lose weight we should consume less calories than we burn. Sounds easy, doesn''t it? Do sentences like "I live once, Who cares about nutrition?", "I can''t resist that food" or "Healthy recipes are boring" pop into your head and ruin your diet efforts? Half of the road to fat loss is sticking to your diet, but the other half is mental – My Diet Coach will help you to resist these destructive thoughts up to the point resisting becomes natural to you! start losing weight quickly today!

My Diet Coach has five main features:
Reminders - Add custom diet reminders!

Perseverance Tips – Just touch the button with the obstacle you are facing. Relevant motivational tips with inspiring pictures will appear.

Motivational watchers – Motivational photos, your goal reminder and motivational quotes!

Challenges - Set and track your challenges

Rewards - Get points and virtual rewards for doing the right thing, a really playful game like experience!

You can upgrade the lite version to Pro ( For additional fee: by in-app purchase or by downloading the pro version)
The Pro features include:
*** Diet and Meal Planner:
> Calorie counter and calories burned calculator
> BMI calculator and BMR calculator

*** Diet Journal (Pro)
> Account for everything you eat and do during the day – journal meals and exercises (New! online food database)
> Calorie tracker

*** Weight Tracker (Pro)
> Record your weight loss progress
> View your weight loss chart

• Its main focus is to keep you motivated, help you lose weight quickly and teach you how to lose weight efficiently.
• It doesn''t matter what diet you are on (Atkins, HCG, Paleo ...) – You''ll learn that the secret to weight loss is focusing on the real difficulties – self discipline, diligence and motivation, you can use it together with other weight loss apps or online programs

And… It''s a free app !!! insanity (:

Sorry guys – currently the app is only for women

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