Dinosaur Hunter: Survival Game

Dinosaur Hunter: Survival Game
(10.592k total ratings on Google Play)
Sergey Laytful / Simulation
Downloads: 500k
(10.592k total ratings on Google Play)


In The Words of Our Gamers:
"I''ve been impressed by high quality of the game, dinosaurs are as if alive"
"This fun game is amazing! The best dino hunting game I have ever saw!"
"Spectacular game with excellent location! You can shoot as many dinos as you want and you expand your stuff"

Go go go! You are in a incredible and huge Jurassic rain-forest full of dangers, where your mission is to stay alive. In this exciting game only one winner, you or your enemies - ruthless bloodthirsty dinosaurs.

In this epic game the dinosaurs are not extinct. Become a ultimate dinosaur hunter, catch your prey!

Be careful, because not only you are hunting in the forest, but also you are being hunted.

In order to survive in this dangerous and breathtaking terrain, an ancient lush environment, with each passing level you provided with a new potent weapon. 15 high powered weapons are available: m4 carbine, awp (a sniper rifle), ak47 (a Kalashnikov rifle), uzi (a submachine gun), mp5 (a sub machine gun), deagle (desert eagle pistol), m67 (grenade), m249 (a light machine gun), m60 (a machine gun), flamethrower, rpg (a rocket launcher, bazooka), spas12 (a shotgun), m87 (a shotgun), blaser r93 (a hunting rifle) and m79 (grenade launcher)! Having a choice of weapons arsenal, your chances of survival increase.

You are a hunter or prey in this exciting dinosaur hunter game? Play and you will find out.

Your mission is to destroy a certain amount of hunting on you prehistoric predators at every level. If you will manage to survive thanks to your battle skills, then for each completed level you will get more powerful gun in your arsenal.

Hunt and look at the dinosaurs, from small to giant, from herbivores to carnivores, in this fabulous simulation. This outstanding high-end shooting game gives you the wonderful opportunity to dive into the impressive dinosaur adventure, has a great land with day and night versions, full of different dinosaur species. Many dinos are available. Carnivorous: Tyrannosaurus (T. Rex), Velociraptor (Raptor), Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, Spinosaurus. Herbivorous: Triceratops, Apatosaurus (Brontosaurus), Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus and Parasaurolophus!

Do not stand still, move, at this time the damage done to you by dinosaurs will gradually recover. If you need to take rest after active battles, make a pause using pause mode, where you will be completely invisible.

Discover the beautiful location of the age of extinction, hunt and gather your weapons, and try to pass all levels.

In this superior extreme survival game there are 15 levels with increasing difficulty. 15 weapons with increasing power to expand your arsenal. Big dinosaurs that will attack the enemy, which is located on their territory. And they will be quick, smart and ruthless to you.

Realistic 3D graphics and amazing immersive gameplay are providing a visceral, dramatic experience and are helping you to travel into the astonishing dinosaur world of your dream right on your mobile device, including your phone and tablet!

During the game, you will enjoy the realistic graphics of the overgrown jungle, including jungle at night, which has a variety of the vegetation, gorgeous blue sky with volumetric clouds, and passing through the bushes you will hear the rustling of the branches and fully immerse into the atmosphere of tropical forest full of dangers.

"Dinosaur Hunter: Survival Game" is a high-quality entertainment game for everyday use, and a free mobile 3D action first person shooter (fps) and the simulator (sim) in high-definition (HD) quality of 2014.

Left side of the screen controls the movement, right side of the screen controls the rotation.

Note: For optimal performance, we recommend you have no apps running in the background.

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