Doc''s Diet Diary

Doc''s Diet Diary
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Bearcat Global LLC / Health
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(350 total ratings on Google Play)


The absolute best diet diary on the Android Market. Take charge of your own health by tracking the foods you eat every day along with your health symptoms. This app records date and time of each meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and drink, and most importantly, your symptoms. Take the information to your doctor, to monitor your diet and check which foods to which you are sensitive or allergic. Then, email the report to your health professional.

From the Home screen, tap one of the chosen events you wish to enter information such as Breakfast, and the entry screen for Breakfast appears. From there, enter the foods you had for breakfast by tapping in the blank window which opens the keyboard. You may also turn your device horizontal entering your information. Once you have entered the foods for breakfast, click set to change date and/or time when you ate breakfast. Then, click save. When clicking save, this takes you immediately to the Diet Diary screen. Repeat the above for Lunch, Dinner, Snack, Drink, and Symptom. You may enter multiple entries for each category with different times for each.

To copy and paste the same entries is easy as well. Press and hold in an entry screen containing the information you wish to copy, this brings up a dialog box asking how much you want to copy. In this example, select "Select All." Then, select "Copy." Then select a new entry from the Home screen you wish to paste the information copied. Press and hold in the entry box of the category selected, which brings up a dialog box that says "Paste." Tap "Paste" and you have now copied the previous entry into a new one.

From the Diet Diary Screen, you can swipe horizontally to change days and view previously entered information. Or, tap the gold date bar to change the date to a specific day you want to view. You may also scroll entered information by swiping vertically up to see later information or down to see earlier information. Deleting an entry is easy by touch and hold action over the entry you wish to delete.

Now, send the report to your health professional. You can now email the report directly from the Diet Diary screen. Tap Menu, then Preferences to enter email address you want your Doc’s Diet Diary delivered. Then, tap Menu, tap Send Report, then choose csv or pdf. Then tap Send. Then select the account you want the report sent from. Then tap the letter icon at the top to the send the report. You can optionally enter a message for the email. Simple!

Take charge of your health with Doc''s Diet Diary!

To Report a Crash;
Send email to support@docsdietdiary.com with the exact steps you were taking before and up to when the app crashed. Thank you.

Known Issues with HTC phones;
Suggest installing and changing to another free keyboard from the Android Market, which will correct the problem. The native keyboard causes the cursor to stick after entering more than one line of text.

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