Cops VS Robbers

Cops VS Robbers
(2300 total ratings on Google Play)
Dragon Slayer Entertainment LLC / Adventure
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(2300 total ratings on Google Play)


You and your crew are about to complete the biggest heist of your criminal careers, that is until the cops show up. Fight your way through the cops and collect your stolen loot along the way. Throw the tools you used to break in at the law enforcement that is trying to capture you. You will start as the Thug, he is the lowest ranking member of the criminal group. Work your way up all the way to the Crime Lord, he will show you what being a criminal is all about.

Play as one of three robbers, you must not be caught by cops or the game is over. Your group must immediately escape from a break-in when suddenly the cops show up, Use your street smart skills to get away from the police troops. You must fight your way through them with a wrench, billy club, or a crowbar. Throw billy club at cops, beat them using a crowbar or wrench. It will be an endless fighting between riot police and criminals. Multiple law enforcers will track you down, trace your route, do surveillance and continue to investigate to catch you and be their jailbird. Each level will be more difficult, there will be more road blocks, road borders, a lot of cops at every street corner, police cars chasing you at full speed. Try not to break into road borders and other cars. Robbers weapon of choice; crowbar, billy club, stick, wrench second is the Strong-arm tactics like punching; pushing, kicking, or threats are used mainly on the street. Collect bundles of money, power ups magnets and bag of cash on your way to unlock more robbers, through this you can escape with your stolen loot and enjoy your loot bags! Get the high score and post it on achievement board. Compete with your friends and beat their scores!
Game Features
This Cops vs. Robbers game is free
Optimized for both Phones and Tablets
Multiple Power ups
Smooth Controls
Soundtracks that will make you feel real tension
HD high quality cartoon graphics
Different action scenes/location
Cool Animation
Easy coins earning
Variety of weapons
Challenging game levels
Unlimited Playing time
Option to unlock more robbers
Numerous power ups
Innovative running action
Variety of upgrades
Arcade gaming

Upgrade your tools by accumulating sufficient money and get a high score so you can get a new crew to conquest the special force of cops, Earned money can unlock more thieves’ characters to reinforce your gang and beat up the crime squad. They will patrol everywhere, monitor and keep watch over. As you go along the game, your rival cops become fast and uncontrollable; do not stop shooting at cops! Be fierce and quick to win this game, think ahead before you run out of time and don’t be a loser! In this game you must help the band of hoodlums to steal cash without the cops catches you. Get a bunch of dollars and money bags without getting caught to the cops. This game needs smart mind players to escape the police force and keep up with the burglars. Is that you? Download the challenging game of Cops vs. Robbers.
Music by DST and SoundJay
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