300 Spartans The Last Stand

300 Spartans The Last Stand
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Dragon Slayer Entertainment LLC / Casual
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(1900 total ratings on Google Play)


This is the famous battle of the Spartan’s heroic last stand. Three hundred (300) Spartans held off thousands of Persians at the tiny mountain pass until the rest of the Greek army could safely retreat.
The 300 Spartans Fight To Survive.

The Persian Empire tried several times to invade and conquer the Greek city-states in the days of Athens and Sparta. The Persians were successful at invading but never conquered Greece. However, The Spartan king Leonidas was a military leader as well as a political one. Like all male Spartan citizens, He had been trained mentally and physically since childhood in preparation to become a Spartan warrior.
This is how the Greeks won despite overwhelming odds against them, time after time.

Characters are Spartans and Persians army. Spartans were armed with a round shield, spear and iron short sword.
In battle, they used a formation called a phalanx, in which rows of soldiers stood directly next to each other so that their shields overlapped with one another.
This basic military training and new tactic proved successful during battles. Persian bows were too weak to penetrate the shields and armor, and their own armor and shields could not stand up to the longer spears and swords of the Spartan Greeks.

During a frontal attack, this wall of shields provides significant protection to the warriors behind it. The shield was symbolic of the individual soldier''s subordination to his unit, an integral part of his success, and his solemn responsibility to his comrades in arms – messmates and friends, often close blood relations. If the phalanx broke or if the enemy attacked from the side or the rear, however, the formation became defenseless.

The scheme of the game is to defend your land, The Sparta of Greece.
You are a fearless Spartan and you must fire your spears at the oncoming Persian army to conquer them. When the spears hits and killed a Persian army, you will earn points. And as you go along, you will get a hold of more power ups and more coins in the course of the game.
Get more dominant long spears, powerful hard shields and body armor. Use the coins you have collected to unlock new forceful Spartans and get your achievement.
Survive the battlefield, Fight against the Persian Army. Mark your targets; each one of the Persian army and crush them all.
Be like the Spartan King Leonidas; A legendary fearless and courageous one. Take on the role, let’s join the combat! Have fun on this new war game!

Experience the Battle of Spartan’s back in 480 B.C.
Join forces with friends
Realistic battlefield sounds.
Upgradable weapons and armors
Incredible characters animation
HD graphics
Fast paced game scene
Fantasy history game
Mighty Spartans
Easy smooth and power controls
Phone and Tablet ready

Be a man; be brave to secure your territory. The Spartans always defeated their enemies by using their brutal military training and war tactics. A true Spartan could only return to Sparta either victorious with their shield in hand or dead carried upon it.
Share this new challenging game to everyone. Be thrilled and get energized.

Music By DST

A game about survival first, but in the end, the battle is about changing the fate of Sparta. Become a part of a historical combat experience not seen in almost a decade.
Download the epic app “300 Spartans Fight To Survive”.
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