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Auto SMS Sender
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(1200 total ratings on Google Play)


Auto SMS Sender app is an enormously powerful app with very user friendly interface, designed by DRC Info tech. It enables you to send SMS automatically to the preferred recipients at a scheduled time via your network provider

Auto SMS Sender is world''s best SMS application. Not trust? then use it!

We want to convert application in pure languages
i,e Dutch, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, German,Portuguese, Korean,Japanese,Italy,France,Spanish

Any one who know above language please contact to help us to convert application in different language properly

Primary Features

# Advanced Repeat option from second to year with number of frequency for message to be sent.
Now you can set number of time message you can repeat.
# Auto Forward features: you can forward selected incoming recipients based on keyword to selected selected recipients

# Read option for each message. Now you can read sms by clicking respective sound icon of sms.
Also you need to install "Speech Synthesis Data Installer"

# Application contain multi theme i.e. day and night

#. Added Auto reply option. You can easily auto respond to your sms and miscall by sms just creating profile
According to your busy time duration, busy situation like in meeting, driving etc and recipients.
# you can add multiple recipients or can simply add an entire Group. Even you can schedule different message to be sent to different people at the same without any message length restriction.
# You can also send personal message to multiple contacts with same content, the application automatically incorporate the name of corresponding contact from the Phone book while sending an SMS. For Ex: If I want to send SMS like “Hi #Name#” to 5 friends, then I just need to select the intended recipients from the phone book and application automatically replace keyword #Name# with the actual name of each user.


If a user is at an unknown place and he/she would like to inform someone about his/her location, user just need to add Location keyword (Ex: #Location#) in message and application would automatically retrieve user’s current location using various parameters (Only GPS / GPS & Internet / Network Provider). This feature could be extremely helpful in critical situations like accident or any other violent activities.

# IntelliSense for Keyword. Just type # (Hash) and it would display all possible keywords that you may like to use.

# You can view list of your scheduled message, deactivate or reschedule any/ or all of them.

# You can reuse a message which is already sent by this application.

# You can also track the delivery status of sent messages.

# For better accessibility, we have implemented Floating Menu on the top of each module.

# Share any message from your conversation over Facebook, Twitter, What’s app etc.

# Restore Backup and Take a Backup:

You can save all your scheduled, delivered and inbox messages on Dropbox. You can also schedule intervals to take automatic backup

#Incoming SMS Popup:
When a new message arrives it pops up on your screen with options like “Reply, Forward or Delete”.

#Preferred Date-time format:

Our motto:

“After using this application if you feel it’s good and useful application then don’t tell us thank you, just share this application to your three relative or friends with same message”

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Above all features works only for 2 months than after you have to download Pro version

For more information, see Help section in Application

We would love to see your feedback or suggestions if there are any. You can share your thoughts with us at info@drcinfotech.com or visit us on http://www.drcinfotech.com

Like us on : https://www.facebook.com/autosmssender

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