Alphabet Car: Learn ABC''s Lite

Alphabet Car: Learn ABC''s Lite
(1900 total ratings on Google Play)
Baby Cortex / Casual
Downloads: 500k
(1900 total ratings on Google Play)


Teach your child the ABC''s and letters with this fun and educational App. Have your child or toddler discover new words by learning the Alphabet through playing and engagement. Your kids will love Alphabet Car!

Jump behind the wheel and buckle up for a learning journey you won''t soon forget! Alphabet Car, an innovative educational app that makes remembering letters and words fun, puts you in the driver''s seat. You''ll be fully engaged, using your eyes, ears, and hands. If you''re new to Alphabet Car, you''ll start out driving Baby Bus; as you continue playing, you can unlock other cars. Oh, the places you''ll go in this big-eyed, bouncing yellow school bus…

======Come Along for a Fun Learning Journey======
To start, choose which mode you''d like to try: Preschool, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert. As you progress through each mode, you''ll play with longer words, starting with three-letter words in Preschool to six-letter words in Expert. Within each mode there are nine stages, many of which you''ll have to unlock. So let''s get going!

If this is your first time behind the wheel, there is no need to worry -- it''s intuitive and easy even for the littlest learners. Just rotate your mobile device like a steering wheel to navigate your way down the scenic road. You can choose to listen to music or just the sound of your wheels. Most importantly, watch out for the letters!

======Learning Letters, Words, and Spelling======
As you roll along, big block letters appear before you on the road. Aim your bus toward these letters and when you make contact with them, you''ll hear the letter pronounced. When you gather all the letters to spell a word, you''ll hear the word pronounced and you are presented with a card showing the word along with an illustration. Track how many words you have gathered as the cards pile up.

======More Fun Awaits You Down the Road======
Once you unlock a level, you can practice a series of words by replaying a particular stage. For a more challenging experience you can increase the speed of your car. And as you unlock more levels, you can even decorate your car.

Alphabet Car is a fun way to learn letters, words, and spelling. It''s great for little ones and involves visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles and strengthens hand-eye coordination. While you journey and learn, enjoy upbeat music, colorful 3D graphics, and more than 40 different levels.

======New in this version======
You can now learn the words for 9 new themes; Christmas, Countries, Cities, Professions, Buildings, Body Parts, Appliances, Stationery and Sports!

* Fun Edutainment – learn letters, words and spelling through fun play
* Stage and Level Design – From Preschool to Advanced for various stages of your child''s development
* Colorful and entertaining environment with beautiful 3D graphics and music
* Car Customization
* Hours of fun edutainment and rich content with over 100 stages/levels

*****The Lite version offers 2 levels and 4 stages. To enjoy the rest of the app, please purchase the full version of Alphabet Car. The Full version also has an optional in-app unlock, making available an additional 70+ levels and over 200 extra words.*****

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