Zdian Manager

Zdian Manager
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FanYue lnc / Tools
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(1300 total ratings on Google Play)


Zdian Manager is an usefull toolbox, fever android phone users, aims to provide superior intelligent experience.
It is an usefully toolbox which offers ios''s EasyTouch experience.
1. direct setting operation and manage wifi,gps,ringtone easily.
2. provide siderbar mode.
3. Enhanced experience for root users.
4. Screen capture,flashlight,lock screen, all in one!
5. project butter, give you easy touch feelings!
6. Zdian Manager is a Button Savior, it provider virtual soft Home, Power and Back keys.
7. Zdian Manager provides device settings,like wifi, bluetooth,gps and so on.
8. Project butter, smoothly operation!
9. Personalize, choose the color you like!
10. System-based mutil-task, switch apps in an easy way!
11. Acclerate! Kill background apps, free more memory!

* Ads Free
No ads like airpush!Just get rid of Ad Blocker!

* Home
Back to home easily!

* Mutil-Tasking
System-based mutil-task, switch apps in an easy way!

* Screen Lock
One-key screen lock.

* Device Settings
Device settings:WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, Volume -, Volume -, Ringer Type(ring, silent, vibrate), Screen-orientation,

* Screen Capture
Enhanced custom capture engine, which need root.

* Led Flashlight
The best led flashlight.The brightest flashlight!

* Acclerate
The best easy task killer, kill background apps, free more memory!

* Personalize
Now choose the color you like!

* Custom apps shortcuts and device settings

* Minus Mode
Stay sliently on the screen edge.

* Sidebar Mode
Screen Lock, Back, Home, Device Settings

* Button Savior
Virtual Keys: Back, Home keys!

*How to uninstall the app
The app can not be romoved using App Uninstaller, Root Uninstaller or apk manager! First you need to deactivated the device administor in the settings(Settings-->Security--->Device adminstor), and then uninstall the app!

* Getting some trouble in how to root your device?
Just install the apps like "How to root", or "king root". Maybe you can search "your device model + root" in the website google or xda forums.

* Getting some trouble when your device is already rooted?
Just insall the newest Busybox in google playstore and the have a try!

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