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King Kong Lock®(KK Lock®) is exist for protecting your privacy.The most complete of locking function: App Lock,Lock file,application hider,hide pictures,
secret contacts.And more functions are going on.The best of unlock method:original password UI,calculator UI,pattern UI,FC UI.
Free custom application function, can separately uninstall the function you don''t need.
Free custom application''s style.Sweet of customer service,Any question could be written a email to our Email.Customer service is not
24 Hours online,maybe delay serval hours because time zone is different.

Funtions introduction:
1、App lock:When you don''t want anyone to check your applications on your mobile phone, the app lock is the best choice.
When someone open locked applications ,the app lock will display interface which you set to prevent the
application opened, the interface could be password page, pattern page,calculator page, or program error window.

2、Lock file:When you have a file or folder on cell phones wouldn''t want to be optional view, the best way is to encrypt
file and folder. through deep encrypted files or folders, even Be copied to the computer,no way can open your privacy secret.

3、Application Hider:This function need ROOT privileges. When you don''t want a application appeared
in the programs list of your android cell phone,you should use this awesome function of Lock. No one know what you install from now.
No one ask you what''s this,may i open it?Yes,enjoy peace.

4、Hide pictures:If you prefer to take photo using your phone,or prefer to collect some adult/sexy/privacy pictures,you must need ''hide pictures'' to
prevent someone finding them.

5、Secret Contacts:the function''s name may be changed as ''Se con''.There are always someone''s call logs or messages you don''t want to be found.Now you
could use Secret contact to hide them all.Check the call logs and messages in Secrect contacts.even could send messages in Secrect contacts.

Do all you think.Lock.

Version 2.9.3:
1.update calculator password interface UI.
2.modify the pattern interface UI.
3.to enhance self-protection (prevent the forced shut down or uninstall).
4.Add Confirm installation feature (to prevent the installation of any application without your permission).
5.prevent to uninstalling application(to prevent any application to be uninstalled without your permission).

Version 2.9.5:
1. Time to add custom features to unlock.
2. Custom designs are shown to increase when the unlock function to unlock traces.
3. Add custom designs on or off when you unlock the vibration feedback function.
4. Lock can repair the gallery from the camera into the gallery bug.

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