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Shake2call Lite
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Shake2call – The speedy & easy way to call!

The best speed dialer you can get!
* Speed dial
* Easy dial
* People widget - just shake and get your favorite contacts screen
* Schedule call reminders - New feature!

The quickest phone call that you can make!

Did you find yourself in situations like calling your special contact over and over during the day, calling most of the time just to your favorite contacts, searching for a nice people widget, making a call when you are jogging / cycling / driving or just spending time for finding the one that you want to call him right now... Shake2call will do all the work for you!

All you need to do is just giving your phone a shake! No need to touch any button.

Shake2call app allows 2 call modes that will apply after shake:
* Call After Shake – call to your special contact.
* Pick From My Favorites – display your favorite contacts in a nice screen view with large images and contact display name. After choosing on of them, the call will be made. (Full version)

The phone shake will trigger a call according to the setting that you set before.

Shake2call app allows you to set the following configuration for giving you the best and the convenient way so you will get the most out of this app!

* Call mode – you can choose if you want to call to your
special contact after shaking or choosing one of your
favorite contacts (Full version)
* Manage your call setting:
1) Delay between your shake to the call (set to 0 if you
want to make the call immediately)
2) Caller information – allows you to select your special
contact with a nice view of your contact details. This information will be taken in consideration in "Call after shake" mode!
* Manage your shake setting: give you the ability to choose
your preferred shake force and number of shakes for
making the call request.
* Manage notification setting:
1) You can choose if you want to display a notification in
the status bar when call request has been made by
shakes – with an option to cancel / snooze the call!
2) Sound on / off in the notification (Full version)
3) Vibration on / off in the notification (Full version)
4) Show notification light (Full version)
* Schedule call reminders:
Very useful and important feature that allows you to schedule call reminders for specific time! when the call reminder will be execute you will be able to choose if you want to make the call or not.
* Start Shake2call app automatically – useful option that
make your life easier by allowing you to start shake2call
app automatically upon startup. (Full version)

You can always back to the default setting for each one of the configuration above.

This is must have for those that:
* Want to make the call operation speedy and easy
* Want to display a cool favorite''s screen anytime they
want without touching any button!
* Calling to their special contacts over and over during
the day
* Want to keep in touch with their close friends
* Don''t want to forget important calls!
* Appreciate a cool & useful applications :)

This app is very useful! Just shake your phone and make a call.

For any questions / comments / feedback / bugs please don''t hesitate to email us at droiditapp@gmail.com and we promise to response ASAP.

If you like this app, please be kind and leave us a nice review with a good rating at the market.
Thanks you!

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