WIFI Power Saver

WIFI Power Saver
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(1400 total ratings on Google Play)


Don''t drain your battery by forgetting to turn off Wifi. Save battery by having this minimal application automatically turn off your wifi/wlan when there is no network available. Wifi Power Saver itself only runs when your wifi/wlan state changes so it does hardly use any battery at all.

Example 1: You are at home where you have a wifi/wlan connection. You turn on wifi/wlan and use your device. When leaving home you loose your connection to your home network, but wifi/wlan is still enabled on your device using battery. Using WIFI Power Saver it will automatically detect that you lost your connection to your home network and disable wifi/wlan on your device, saving battery.

Example 2: You want to check if there are any wifi/wlan networks at your current location. You enable wifi/wlan on your device. If no networks are found WIFI Power Saver will disable wifi/wlan on your device automatically.

Use this application if:
* You want to save battery by not having wifi/wlan enabled when there is no network available
* Want to manually enable wifi/wlan when you want to use it, but not have to remember to turn it off. If you enable notification you can choose to re enable wifi/wlan when you click the notification.

Do NOT use this application if:
* You always want your wifi/wlan enabled searching for networks (uses battery)
* Want your wifi/wlan automatically to connect when networks are available

NOTE: In android 4.1.2 there is a setting under Settings->Wifi->Menu button->Advanced called "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep". The default value has been changed in android 4.1.2 on some devices. If this is not set to always then Wi-Fi will be disabled when your device goes into sleep mode and switch over to mobile data traffic if available. When this setting is not set to always WIFI Pover saver will not work properly.

Tested on HTC Desire. If you have any trouble on other devices please send an email to droidplant@gmail.com

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