Auto Car Mechanic - Tuning car

Auto Car Mechanic - Tuning car
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Let’s Start our Auto engines interior and Drive it for little customizing and pump up the speedy car, Help your Master skilled mechanic machinery to inspect your car engine quality trainn because an Expert Auto Car mechanic is new in town. Screw it! Paint it! Clean & Wash it!

Auto garage Repair it! Drive it! Burst it! Speed up your hiace coaster engines for some sprint action; Give some shine, a new look and feel with sparkles over the colorful body paints with paintbrush of your choice. The mechanic automobiles leak mess leakage car start engine interior & tweaks tact’s are useful here. Choose your best performance hot pursuit car and give it some nice and attractive auto interior looks different and graceful. start the car

First Tune up your crashed mobile car’s engine, pipes, beams, screws, denting, scratches from master mechanic from garage town sight. Give some healthy and strong Repairs and clear all the carbon damages it has and customize it very carefully. Master mobile mechanic is all automobile here at your car service garage.

Don’t worry about your challenge car speed o meter and torque speed of it. Bob cars expertise in all kind of new motorized workshop and old motor problems that occur to clear up. Make your car looks best and awesome as in race class competition from the best bob auto Porsche class car machinery mechanic wrapper. With multiple expertise like automobile paintbrush paintjob workshop, engine repairs and over hauling, cleaning up a mess from interior. repair all junk yard parking cars wrapper.

Pull over your porche builder car with a blue crane, coaster or toe truck if your hot wheels are giving trouble or start the muscle engines to wash and tuned performance tuning in workshop.

With the help of parking car bob mechanic tools and your skills can get this car on up to high speed coaster. Mechanic will clear all pipes repairs that a re broken, tight rusty screws that are loose, faulty & rusty. Fun free virtual & simulator games for non-stop entertainment tuning quality with some realistic feel

>>Read the GAME PLAY & Car Garage FEATURES:

1. Added all types of sports and LTV cars for car selection and car garage prestige
2. Wash and tidy up your car in car washer area and clean all the mess
3. Added all new mechanic features that will be take cared by Bob mechanic
4. Use all mechanic tools and washing machinery for cleaning up the mess and tidy up all the dirt rusty parts to get prestige
5. Scan out the pipes and connecting areas for any leakage and fuel or oil leaks
6. Give a handsome and attractive paint job to your new wheels that are just modified & customized.
7. Apply Stickers and Paints with paintbrushes neatly.
8. Clean up all the interior of the car and messy area where the candy wrappers and left overs are thrown

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