Med Helper Pill Reminder

Med Helper Pill Reminder
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Med Helper keeps track of your prescriptions - Alarms remind you when medication needs to be taken, when Doctors appointments are scheduled and when meds are running low or are about to expire.

Med Helper also tracks your vital signs and PRN / take-as-needed medication. You can log and export or print detailed reports for your Doctor, Nurse or Caregiver

Multiple profiles let you manage others in your care.

Whether you’re self managing or taking care of your loved ones, Med Helper’s features will help you deal with anything from simple short term situations to prolonged complex chronic conditions by making it easy to maintain prescription and medical regime compliance / adherence.

It’s like having your very own Mobile Healthcare Assistant.

Med Helper is consistently ranked as one of the top applications of its kind in the Medical app field.

For information, suggestions or help contact us at: info@medhelperapp.com
Friend us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/MedHelper?ref=hl

Med Helper Free Features include:

Phone / Tablet compatible

Prescription list
- Name
- Medication Alias
- RX Number
- Instructions
- Reason
- Description
- Side Effects

- Start date
- End date
- Schedule pattern
- Reminder Times / Alarm set
- Snooze
- Taken at

- Refills Remaining
- Current inventory
- Expiration Date

- Doctor
- Pharmacy
Daily Schedule
- Time of Day
- Dosage
- Calendar view

Take as needed (PRN)
- Amount taken
- Time taken
- Last 10 doses / 24/hr

Med Log
- Daily view
- Calendar view
- Ability to manage

Vitals Tracked
- Part of day
- Exercise
- Temperature
- Weight
- Pulse
- Glucose
- HbA1c
- Pain levels
- Blood Pressure
- Oxygen

Exportable and Printable Reports

People use Med Helper as a: Medication reminder - Medication tracker - Prescription tracker - Pill reminder - Pills reminder - Pills alarm - Pill organizer - Pill Calendar - Vitals tracker - Doctor or Pharmacist - appointment manager - RX reminder - Med reminder - Medication monitor - Medication reports tracker - Medicine reminder - Medicine scheduler - virtual Pillbox - Individual - family - medication reminder - Symptom tracker - Doctors list and Pharmacy organizer as well as a way to share information with their caregivers.

How ever you choose to use Med Helper we hope it helps make your life a little bit easier.

Med Helper is being designed by people just like you. Over the past two years we''ve received thousands of emails with suggestions, comments and reviews. People let us know what they like - what they want and sometimes what they don''t like. We listen and design accordingly.

Our belief is that Better Healthcare Needs Better Tools... and better tools are best designed by those who use them. Meaning YOU.

For any information, suggestions or help of any kind please contact us at: info@medhelperapp.com
See our website at: www.medhelperapp.com

We''re at your service....

Note: No network connection is required for Med Helper to operate.

All the best - From the Med Helper Team

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