Life RPG

Life RPG
(1200 total ratings on Google Play)
Eiko Solutions / Productivity
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(1200 total ratings on Google Play)


Enjoy the process of planning and cultivate useful habits in original game form.

Life RPG - excellent tool for planning and motivating. If you want to change yourself and begin new better more productive life - do it and this app will help you.

Feel yourself a hero of role play game called Life. Add game elements to your life. Live, play, improve yourself, reach new heights and enjoy scheduling.

Application Life RPG also would be interesting for those people that don’t have time for games, but they like to play them. Combine pleasant and useful - "upgrade" yourself, increase your productivity.
Key features:
• game approach to planning
• motivating system of accounting ToDo`s
• widget
• flexible reminder system

More about game capabilities:
Screen "Habits". You can add here habits that you want to cultivate and those that you want to be out of. Good habits are awarded by money and experience. Following bad habits is punished by penalties. Examples of good habits - "walk up the stairs", "small exercise after each work hour".

Screen "ToDo". With the help of Life RPG you can schedule your todo`s- add, watch and make them. This is also awarded. Use Life RPG as a personal assistant. Due to the mechanism of reminders, you will not forget to perform tasks. Users can set a reminder on a certain date and time on the day of the week, once a week, once a month.

Screen "Achievements". Earned some coins and don’t know what to do with them? Add to this list new things/doings that you like and assign price for them. Award yourself with them. Examples of awards: "watch film", "eat cake". This will be great motivation for you to follow good habits and do your tasks. You can also equip your game avatar. For equipment you get experience bonus. Reach new levels and get other bonuses.
Application has a widget.
But the most important in Life RPG - is honesty. Be honest with yourself and you`ll do great.

Life RPG. Life - game.

If you find bug, please wrote to us by email

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