Spensa Lite. Expense Tracker

Spensa Lite. Expense Tracker
(660 total ratings on Google Play)
ejcdeveloper / Finance
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(660 total ratings on Google Play)


Spensa Pro is now the #1 Professional Financial Manager for Android. It gives you all the tools and flexibility you need to keep your finances in order. Here is why:
• Accounts and subaccounts. It is the only app in the Market with subaccounts. It is a powerful tool to organize all your expenses according to your personal and professional needs.
• Multiple Currencies. Choose between more than 50 different currencies for each one of your accounts.
• Customizable Categories and sub-categories. Add or delete any category and subcategory at any time. In the Pro version you can choose between more than 1,000 professional icons. Keep the categories in the order you prefer.
• Graph of what your balance would be in the future according to recurring transactions.(Pro)
• Filters. The Filters are the one characteristic that makes this app the more flexible Financial Manager in the market. In any list, graph or balance you can filter any number of accounts and/or categories to get the info of only those that you are interested in.
• Graphs. In one look you have all the information you want by day, week, month, year or any period of time you want. You can choose between pie and bar graphs.
• Recurring Transactions. Choose by any number of days, weeks, months, or years. Choose if you want the transactions be generated automatically when the time arrives (Pro) or set an alarm to remind you to do so.
• Backups. Feel totally safe about the info you have. Every time you make changes to the database a backup will be created and stored for you. In the Pro version all backups are stored in the cloud. You will be able to restore any of the backups at any time.
• Debt Calculator. Plan your payments knowing is going to take you to get rid of your debt and the total of interest fees you are going to pay.
• Tags. You can add a tag to any category and keep track, for example, of the mileage when you charge gasoline or take the car to the mechanic. You can choose between lists, numeric and text tags.
• Transfers. Make your transfers between accounts with just one transaction.
• Bank Statement. Don’t suffer anymore every time you have to do your Bank reconciliation. You have a screen with several tools that it will help you in this task and make it easy and even enjoyable!
• Budget. Create your budget with any combination of Groups and/or categories, Accounts and/or Sub-accounts. It is totally customizable and flexible.
• Projects. Besides the categories and sub-accounts you can group your expenses in Projects to help you not to spend too much in your next vacation trip for example.
• Photo receipts. Keep a digital copy of your receipts for your records.
• Calculators. The app supplies a Tip, Taxes and Exchange Currency calculator to make these tasks easy and fun. Automatically, the total is added in the transactions with the due comments. You will be able to keep track of exchange rates or taxes of each one of your transactions.
• Security. Lock the app with a password.
• Import and Export. Import from and Export to a CSV file all your information you want.
Pro Version:
• Syncing. We mean true syncing and not just copying a database from one device to another. You can sync any number of devices. You and your spouse can add or delete any transaction at any time and sync at any time to share all the information. The app also sync automatically.

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